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ctrlx core not responding after update

ctrlx core not responding after update

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We performed a system update via apps on a ctrlx core inside a XVR power supply.

After the update, we rebooted the core, and no IP connection was possible at all. (even ipv6).

We need to know how to proceed in this situation. The hardware is currently unusable (bricked).

Important information.:

1 - After update, the drive was showing inconsistent network settings.

2- It seems that we should have update the firmware of the drive first. That was the case. But we also don´t get the error message of Firmware inconsistent, that should be displayed on this situation.

3 - The core was version 1.12, the update was done targetting 1.16.

4- We use all recovery images available (1.12, 1.14, 1.16). None of them seem to generate a log on the SD card. (no update is done).



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

The main reason of updates are not started is because the file structure in the µSD-card is not correct. See the guideline in the release notes. Beware of the ".tar" where sometimes a only folder is put on the card.
SD card image updateSD card image update

Please also beware that there must not be a folder on your µSD-card with the serial number of the ctrlX CORE, because this would prevent an image to be installed. Also the bootloader and the "rescue.itb" have to fit to your image.

The correct procedure for doing an app update can be found in the actual release notes. In short first update deviceadmin and them all other apps.