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Unable to install node in Node-Red

Unable to install node in Node-Red

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I am trying to install node-red-contrib-opcua in my Node-red. When I initiate the installation, within a minute, my ctrlX Works goes unresponsive.
Despite a working internet connection and synced time, it requires a restart to access again. I can install other nodes, but for few nodes I am facing this issue.




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Hello Andrew,
I will try to analyse...could you please have a look at the report directly at the beginning of the process.


Do I get you right, that other packages/lib node-red-contrib xyz can be installed - just several including the node-red-contrib-opcua arent feasible?
That means generell access to the internet is provided... and the following proxy-infos are unneeded and useless.

In case the access is not given this infos may help.
In case you operate in a company network please verify the access:
- Firewall exclusion necessary? 
- proxy with credential setting necessary? (e.g. Px.exe as proxy server)
- check/edit ctrlX- Proxy setup

related doc:

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Community Moderator

Please have a look to topic "Node-RED OPC UA Invalid Endpoint"?


Plus can you provide the versions and the general setup you are using? 

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It seems like there might be an issue specific to the node-red-contrib-opcua package that is causing your ctrlX Works environment to become unresponsive. Here are a few steps you can try to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

  1. Check Compatibility: Ensure that the version of node-red-contrib-opcua you are trying to install is compatible with your version of Node-RED and ctrlX Works. Sometimes, certain packages may have compatibility issues with specific environments.

  2. Update Dependencies: Make sure that all dependencies required by node-red-contrib-opcua are up to date. This includes Node.js, npm, and any other packages that the node relies on.

  3. Check Resource Usage: Monitor the resource usage (CPU, memory, disk) of your ctrlX Works environment while installing the package. It's possible that the installation process is consuming too many resources and causing the system to become unresponsive.

  4. Error Logs: Check the error logs of both ctrlX Works and Node-RED for any relevant error messages that may provide insight into the cause of the issue. This can help identify any specific errors or issues encountered during the installation process.

  5. Try Alternative Installation Methods: If the issue persists, consider installing node-red-contrib-opcua using alternative methods such as manual installation or using a different package manager. This may bypass any issues encountered with the default installation method.

  6. Community Support: Reach out to the community or support channels for ctrlX Works, Node-RED, or the node-red-contrib-opcua package for further assistance. Other users or developers may have encountered similar issues and can provide guidance or solutions.

By following these steps, you should be able to diagnose and resolve the issue with installing node-red-contrib-opcua in your ctrlX Works environment. Panorama Charter