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New licences version 02.02

New licences version 02.02

Hello CtrlX Community, 

Recently I hear about new licences version so I've some questions, I hope that somebody could help me, 

1. There are a new version of ctrlX CORE hardware? where can I found more information about this new version?

2. The new licences 02v02 are compatibles with my ctrlX CORE version 1? I mean, can I update my ctrlX CORE hardware to a 02v02 version? If so, what happen with the licences 01v01? If not, are the licences 02v02 compatibles with a ctrlX CORE hardware 01? and/or are the licences 01v01 compatibles with licences 02v02, e.g., install the licence PLC add on 01v01 with a basic PLC licences 02v02?




Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Dear @JaquelinSanchez ,

to your questions:

1) There is no new version of ctrlX CORE hardware! We announced in the latest sales update call new licenses for the ctrlX PLC App version 02V02!

2) Yes, you can run the new licenses on your existing ctrlX CORE. Therefore you have to install the new ctrlX PLC App version 02V02, which will be released with the release milestone 23.07. To do that, the ctrlX CORE needs an update to version 02V02. You keep your existing plc licenses for ctrlX PLC version e.g. 01V20. The new license are vaild for ctrlX PLC App version 02V02ff. The existing plc licenses version 01VRS cannot be used in the new ctrlX PLC App 02V02. You need the new licenses and licenses model in the new app remains the same. PLC Basic license is required for PLC Standard and so on. For these information, please refer to the latest sales update recording for now. In addition we will also publish a information about the new PLC licenses soon.




Thanks StefanH, 

Could you tell me where can I find the latest sales updated record please, and also could you tell me where can I register to get invitation to this releases teams meetings,

Thanks in advance

Hello @JaquelinSanchez, I'll send you a private message with the information you asked for. Regards @Thoomas