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In version 1.16 : Battery of the control low

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In version 1.16 : Battery of the control low

Hello ,


I have seen this issue a couple of times in the forum , but I couldn't find the correct reason in the answers .


When running version 1.14 on the ctrlX core : no problem , light pipe is green .

After updating to version 1.16 : warning 0C66003F  Battery of the control low , light pipe blinking yellow .

What is the reason that we don't get the warning with version 1.14 and we do get the warning with version 1.16 ?

And how can we solve the problem ?


Thank you .




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Re: In version 1.16 : Battery of the control low

If you replace your battery, the notification is resolved. Since 1.16 it is a persitent notification and the Led bar is used tosignal the user this notification is present.
The early crore have toom much standby power from the battery and therfore it gets easily drained when th ecore is not powered. I beleive you can get a replacement if this is a problem for you. If you core is powerred 24/7 it is less of a problem.

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Re: In version 1.16 : Battery of the control low

The reason for the warning is that in older version <=1.14 the battery voltage was not monitored and so not linked to this error.

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Re: In version 1.16 : Battery of the control low