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Host ID error - response does not match system hostid

Host ID error - response does not match system hostid


Hello Everyone,

I am receiving an error message when I try to upload a file obtained with the ctrlX dvice portal web page. In this web page I assigned licenses to my device , I got a file, then I connect to my ctrlX core device, go to sttings --> licenses upload license file, but I get the following error: "Host ID error - response does not match system hostid". Could someone tell me what is mising or what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


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This message can appear when the e serial number of the ctrlX core, does match that of the device in the license manager for which the license file was created. The downloaded capability response has a format of SN.bin. Could you check, if the serial number of your ctrlX core matches this number? The SN can be found via the webinterface of the ctrlX core in --> settings -->  Information. 

(If the licensing center is opened directly from the web interface of the ctrlX core, you end up in the overview of the ctrlX core you are connected with. You can then dowload the license file for your device)



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I got the same issue as WL_rexroth. Serial number of the device is identical with the device ID from the license manager (7261404531283) and the bin file. Deleting browser cache as recommended by CodeWasi a month ago didn't help. I'm using release 1.20.5.


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@Venzi_ @WL_rexroth could you please send me screenshots of the page in the device portal where the license is added and also from the system information page of your ctrlX OS/ctrlX CORE? So we can have a check.

You could also try to check and download your licenses via the "old" licensing portal.

Hi CodeSheperd, I am very embarrased to confess that in my personal case there was a mistake in comapring ctrlX core serial number. The typical identification code of 13 characters contained a twisted pair of them in the middle of the that code. Summarizing the serial number does not match. Again sorry for bothering you with this "no problem" case. Butherwise, I cannot speak for Venzi case, I hope it has a so simple soliution as mine.

I really apreciate moderator every day effort .