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CORE App "Device Bridge" How To?

CORE App "Device Bridge" How To?

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Is there a tutorial or "How To"-Explanation for the Device Bridge App? I want to use this for saving data from a device (communicating via ModbusTCP/IP) to an InfluxDB and also sending the data into the datalayer. But I couldn't find anything about how to setup this connection.




You can find instructions in the following Link -

KIndly refer to the Demo video and the Product Help pages.

It is possible to write to values from Modbus TCP into Data Layer.

For collecting data from Modbus TCP Select and configure for


For sending data to ctrlX Data Layer select and configure for

Connector-->Rexroth-->ctrlX Datalayer connector

For Sending data to influxDB select and configure for


Hope this helps.



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Hi, thanks for your help @raj.

I did exactly what you just described. But the data can neither be found on the datalayer nor on the InfluxDB. Why is that? Is there another setting I have to select and configure?

Kind regards



Hope you have carried out the Publish operation.

Can we have a short meeting over teams?  We will clarify

You can write to


Hi @DB_Support, the instructions in the following Link - is not working.

Do you have an alternative site to get the How-to instructions for the DeviceBridge functions?

The app is quite confusing to configure for a first-timer. Kind of defeats the purpose.

This app was supposed to be the "direct" replacement of previous generation IoT Gateway (PR21), right?

Please share more information on the instructions. Thank you!

hello @ahmadKhairi,

Please refer to the attached User Manual for instruction.

We will be revamping and updating the contents on the below link but that may take some more time. Meanwhile if you have difficulties in the configuration, please reach out to us at We will support you.

The App is not a direct replacement of IoT Gateway (PR21).

Apologies for the inconvenience in the instructions!! We will ensure this is addressed as DeviceBridge is meant to be a simple App to configure.

Thank You.