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ifp Software - oee.ai Cloud Connector

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oee.ai prepares equipment data and additional employee knowledge to increase shop floor productivity through advanced analytics. Data is visualized in real time and analyzed using the latest technologies and algorithms. 

oee.ai is available Plug & Play in the ctrlX World
  • The widget-based reporting can be configured individually. There is a large selection of evaluations: top availability, performance and quality losses separated by categories, various KPIs from OEE to MTTR or MTBF as well as time series, for example, can be selected.
  • Employee interactions such as the selection of production orders or input of the reason for losses are carried out in the simplest way via tablets or other web interfaces.
  • All data is available on Andon boards, tablets, industrial smartwatches, shop floor management boards or any other web-enabled device. The data can also be passed on to other apps.
  • The data streams are evaluated with the help of AI algorithms: Anomalies (e.g. accumulations) are identified, losses are predicted, suggestions for action can be made. An algorithm library enables quick results. Individual algorithms, developed in-house or by our data science team, are possible.
  • Gamified visualizations and messages are available to motivate employees to act on the basis of the data insights.
  • Benchmarking within your own organization or with other companies is available to evaluate optimization potential.

Almost all manufacturing companies can be covered: mechanical processing, injection molding, filling / packaging, steel production and processing, electronics, woodworking, paper / cardboard production and processing and many others – in the units of measurement piece, liter, (square) meters or kilograms.

oee.ai is available as a modern and lightweight MES in the cloud or on-premise as a SaaS solution.

ifp Software - oee.ai Cloud Connector

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  ifp Software - oee.ai Cloud Connector License - 1 Year - 30 Devices
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+49 (0)241 401 842 75
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The ifp Software GmbH from Aachen, Germany is providing industrial intelligence software for manufacturing companies. Connected to the university and research environment, latest technologies are applied to convert data into relevant information for workers and management to improve productivity.

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