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Welcome to the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community!

Community Manager
Community Manager

This Community is your entry to the digital world of the ctrlX AUTOMATION ecosystem. It is your central point of support for the ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio of Bosch Rexroth, Business Unit Automation & Electrification Solutions.

The Community accelerates the speed of your engineering by the best-in-class support from all experts. Find resources like ctrlX Store for software download, a knowledge base of How-tos, FAQs, Examples and Solutions and a Forum for your questions that will foster a spirit of learning and sharing. We provide access to web applications and services at a glance.


  • Discover development related news for ctrlX AUTOMATION apps, SDKs and services.
  • Compact summary for new or updated runtime and engineering software.
  • Download apps, purchase app licenses or simply test the newest software with trial time based licenses.
  • Subscribe to a topic and get informed whenever an update of software or product information is available.
  • Find an extensive collection of how-to illustrations and how-to videos that guide you through the first steps.
  • FAQs about particular topics and products.
  • First-step examples up to extensive application solutions including source code, project setups and example ordering configurations.
  • Technical notes explain requirements and setups in detail.
  • Post your questions and ideas. Get an answer directly from our experts.
  • The ctrlX World Partners advise you on the use of their applications.
  • Find the latest news and announcements.

Complete your product configuration and commissioning with these web applications and services:
  • ctrlX Device Portal - helps to maintain and protect devices. It allows significant savings when maintaining and updating device software.
  • Docs - ctrlX AUTOMATION Product Documentation. Find all product-related documents in one place, always online and up-to-date. Download all documents as PDF for offline usage.
  • ctrlX Configurator - individual configuration of automation solutions.
  • EPLAN Generator - enables the generation of part data (macros, function templates, ...) for use in EPLAN Electric P8.
  • GitHub - we present ready-to-use solution examples including source code and building/executing instructions on our organisation account.

Our Community Managers and Moderators advise and assist you. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

Your Community Team

Hi, I am Katja a member of the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community team. Feel free to reach out if you need any support.
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