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PROCON-WEB ES is the future proof web HMI for ctrlX CORE. The use of modern web technology and standards like HTML5 and CSS allows the easy, intuitive creation of the optimal HMI solution.

The HMI offers predefined and highly customizable control elements, a filigree user and rights management, style guides and project templates. The runtime is performance optimized, allowing maximum scalability from simple machines up to complex multi-client systems for plants.  

PROCON-WEB ES Because IIoT ready HMI Applications require flexibilityPROCON-WEB ES Because IIoT ready HMI Applications require flexibility
PROCON-WEB ES Ensuring optimal access to your machine dataPROCON-WEB ES Ensuring optimal access to your machine data
PROCON-WEB ES A full scale HMI for embedded hardwarePROCON-WEB ES A full scale HMI for embedded hardware

PROCON-WEB ES is particularly easy to use. A web browser is all you need to be able to analyse and control individual machines or a complete production flow.

Simple engineering via the Designer tool, without web and programming knowledge: configuring, instead of programming.

  • Flexible: High-performance software solution for the realisation of different automation and IoT applications as well as visualisations.
  • Future-proof: Based on proven engineering systems and standardised web technologies, allowing you to tap into future-proof application opportunities and increase your competitiveness.
  • Secure: The "Security by Design" concept, continuous tests, and the implementation of exacting standards provide you with top-notch security for your applications.

PROCON-WEB ES thus guarantees an efficient and stable system for implementing sophisticated HMI/SCADA solutions.

PROCON-WEB Screen LightPROCON-WEB Screen Light

PROCON-WEB ES - enabling easy & intuitive creation of HMI solutions.

  • High-End UX/UI for your machines & style guides
  • Use of modern web technology and standards like HTML5 & CSS
  • Use-case optimized visualization
  • Predefined and highly customizable control elements
  • Advanced options for data logging & trend visualization
  • Filigree role & rights-based user management
  • The Designer as Engineering tool enables the easy and intuitive creation of HMI solutions
  • The Runtime is performance optimized, allowing maximum scalability from simple machines up to complex multi-client systems for plants

PROCON-WEB Screen DarkPROCON-WEB Screen Dark

  • see ctrlX Store Download-Link for complete documentation and getting started

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Weidmüller offers a comprehensive range of products, solutions and services from Industrial Connectivity to Automation and Industrial IoT. As "enabler from data to value" we provide the easy way to IIoT for our customers.

In Software, with the competence of our team in Weidmüller GTI Software, we offer products and solutions for monitoring of machine statuses and manufacturing processes, enabling new digital services and business models.

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