Template for MTX Beam Cutting

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Shape cutting machines are systems that can cut materials up to a certain thickness using a NC-guided machining head. In general, cutting is not done mechanically but with laser, plasma, oxyfuel and water jet cutting.

  • CAD/CAM Nesting Software – Lantek Expert Inside
  • Technology tables
  • Gantry operation
  • Leap Frog
  • Adaptive height control
  • Plate search
  • Beam centering
  • Laser power control
  • Fly Cut
  • Gas control
  • Focus control
  • Piercing
  • Kerf compensation
  • Re-entry functions of NC-Program
  • Retrace
  • Continuous cut
  • High speed cutting

Hardware requirements
  • MTX control (XM42-S, XM42-P or XM42-A)
  • Drive controller (IndraDrive CS/M/Mi, ctrlX DRIVE)
  • For height control:
    Capacitive sensor with an analog output
    Drive with an analog input (X32 or X38) or another Sercos field bus device with an analog input
  • For laser power control:
    • Analog output:
      Drive controller with analog output (IndraDrive CS/M, ctrlX DRIVE)
      S20-AIAO-2, S20-AO-4, S20-AO-8 analog output module
    • PWM output:
      S20-DIDO-2-CSOVS high-speed output module
  • For FlyCut:
    S20-DIDO-2-CSOVS high-speed output modul

Software requirements
  • IndraWorks Engineering for CNC system MTX 15VRS
    R911396002: SWL-IWORKS-MTX-NNVRS-D0-ENG /Single license
    • Programming and project planning software for MTX
    • Win Studio lite Editor
  • IndraWorks Operation 2 for CNC system MTX 15VRS
    R911396004: SWL-IWORKS-MTX-NNVRS-F2-OPD2 /Single license
    • HMI-software for standard CNC operations
    • WinStudio runtime, Lite-license inclusive
  • Technology Shape Cutting 2
    R911396571: FWS-MTX-SHC2*****-NNVRS-NN-NNN /Single license
    • Standard project template for shape cutting
    • Gantry axes with command value coupling
    • Splines and Placements
    • Cylinder surface transformation
    • Retrace - travel backwards on programmed contour
    • MTX fast actions
    • System axes coupling
    • Distance control for 2D machining
    • Leap Frog
    • Laser power control and Fly Cut
    • Kerf compensation
    • R911396571 include
    • R911396023 FWS-MTXFA*******-NNVRSNN-NNNFast Actions
    • R911396019 FWS-MTXGEAR*****- NNVRS-NN-NNN Electronic Gear
    • R911393958 FWS-XM42**MTX-OPCUA OPC UA server & Client
    • Gantry Axes
Optional licenses
  • IndraWorks Workstation 2 for CNC system MTX 15VRS
    R911396002: SWL-IWORKS-MTX-NNVRS-F2-WORKSTATION2 /Single license
    • Engineering + Operation
    • Emulation
  • IndraWorks Virtual Machine Builder (VMB)
    R911394065: SWA-MTX***-ENG-01VRS-D0-VMB-DOWNL /Software
    R911394064: SWS-MTX***-ENG-01VRS-D0-VMB-DGL /USB-Dongle
  • IndraWorks Virtual Machine Simulation
    R911374010: SWS-MTX***-RUN-NNVRS-D0-VMS /Single license
  • Lantek Expert Inside CAD/CAM nesting software for sheet cutting machines
    R911398450: SWL-MTX***-RUN-01VRS-NN-LANTEK /Single license


The MTX template for beam cutting is provided with the MTX installation. After installing IndraWorks, please go to File / Open / New and restore the beam cutting project.

Step 1: Restore Beam Cutting TemplateStep 1: Restore Beam Cutting Template

Step 2: Restore Beam Cutting TemplateStep 2: Restore Beam Cutting Template
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