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Efficient Application Development

Integrated add-ons in the IEC 61131-3 programming system provided for more efficiency in application development and a higher output.

Professional Developer Edition - Overview add-on toolsProfessional Developer Edition - Overview add-on tools

For professional IT developers it is standard practice to use add-on tools to simplify the development process. The integrated tools of the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition offer powerful functions to elp programmers increase the efficiency and quality of industrial applications.

The CODESYS Professional Developer Edition is a software suite consisting of add-on tools to optimize the development process. It includes connections to the source code management systems Apache® Subversion® and  Git™, static code analysis, UML® editors, as well as tools for test automation and tools for the measurement of execution times (profiling). The software is based on well-known and established standards from the C/C++ world. All tools can be used individually and are fully integrated in ctrlX PLC / I/O Engineering.

The CODESYS Professional Developer Edition is available as a bundle. With only one license and one download, users receive a license for all five tools included in the package.

  • Well-known techniques from the C/C++ world make the tools intuitive to use and significantly reduce the learning curve.
  • Quality of the created program code is improved.
  • Analysis and debugging support.
  • An increase in productivity in every phase of software development.
  • All tools are directly integrated.
  • Fast return on investment thanks to accelerated commissioning, avoided application problems, automated checks and test procedures, etc..

The CODESYS Professional Developer Edition subscription combines all solutions for professional IEC 61131-3 application creation and management in a single license.

  • CODESYS SVN: Connection to the software versioning system Apache™ Subversion® for professional source code management.
  • CODESYS Static Analysis: Source code review to ensure compliance with predefined rules and provision of key figures for code quality.
  • CODESYS Profiler: Detailed measurements of runtime performance and code coverage at module level to find timing problems.
  • CODESYS Test Manager: Perform automated testing of applications and libraries.
  • CODESYS UML: Two new Unified Modeling Language diagrams, class and state diagram.
  • CODESYS Git: Integrated use of the distributed version control system Git™ for all application objects.


Integrating UML (Unified Modeling Language™) directly into the development environment: The next logical step after the successful introduction of object orientation in CODESYS and the IEC 61131-3.


  • Class diagram - design and display of object-oriented project structures. Each project update is instantly transferred to the diagram. Therefore, project and diagram remain consistent.
  • State chart - finite state machines as additional graphical language for POUs. Direct interface to the code generator without intermediate ST source code
  • Display of class and state diagrams also without license


Managing CODESYS projects with the distributed version control system Git.


  • Full integration into the CODESYS Development System - no need for additional Git installation or third-party tools
  • Effective version management with proven Git workflows
  • Creation of branches for parallel development
  • Merging of different branches including compare function
  • Convenient use of local Git repositories and easy connection to remote Git repositories
  • Tracking of remote branches for the exchange of commits via "pull" and "push”
  • Faster commit procedure by consolidating the two-step commit process
  • Automatic consistency checks of Git operations to avoid inconsistent project states
  • Visual representation of version history including detailed view of each commit
  • Integration of local Git repositories in CODESYS project archives possible
  • Possibility of empty commits for the creation of markers and comments in the history
  • Usable with a valid SVN license, or as part of a subscription to the CODESYS Professional Developer Edition


Integrated connection to the software versioning system Apache Subversion®.


  • Central storage of CODESYS projects in one database
  • Version history and multi-user access at object level
  • Parallel development in branches
  • Visual compare function (change notice) in all language editors
  • Automatic or manual joining of simultaneous changes performed by different users on the same object
  • Functionality seamlessly integrated in CODESYS, based on common tools such as Tortoise SVN
  • Automated execution of Subversion commands by the CODESYS Test Manager or Python scripts

CODESYS Static Analysis

Source code check based on defined rules and threshold values, in addition to the syntax check performed by the compiler.


  • Early detection of potential programming errors (problem areas or “code smells) in the application code through static analysis of the IEC 61131-3 code directly in the PLC development system
  • More than 100 sortable analysis rules, partly parameterizable
  • Combination of these rules to form individual rule sets possible
  • Execution of analysis
    • implicitly during runtime
    • by execution manually
    • along with the translation process
  • Immediate correction of simple code smells via Quickfix
  • Global and regional deactivation of rules possible
  • Integrated testing of coding guidelines and naming conventions
  • Numerous metrics for code evaluation
  • Graphical representation of adjustable limit values per Kiviat diagram
  • Automatic detection of duplicated code ("Clone Detection")
  • Automated swapping of duplicated code into functions or methods for a better structure of the the application

CODESYS Profiler

For the early performance of a detailed runtime evaluation of IEC application tasks.


  • Measurement of application runtime on controllers with CODESYS Control Runtime
    • Automated measurement of selected program blocks
    • Instrumentation: Measurement by additional measurement code
    • Sampling method: Measurement by statistical evaluation of the call stack at a definable interval from a separate task group (multicore support required)
    • Watch list: "Real-time view" of individual blocks via drag & drop
  • Display of the results, among other things with
    • Complete and relative time in a call
    • Visualization of the critical time path in a display
    • Number of calls
  • Clear overview of the processed code (code coverage)
  • Export of results in CSV format / storage of snapshots in the project

CODESYS Test Manager

Execution of automated application tests in the IEC 61131-3 programming tool CODESYS.


  • Execution of system, regression, and unit tests
    • Creation of dialog-driven test scripts
    • Programming of test code in the IEC 61131-3 languages
  • Convenient creation of unit tests in test tables with automatic generation of test code
  • Display and debugging of the test process at runtime
  • Structured storage and administration of test scripts and test reports (e.g. for different projects)
  • Test reports in HTML format for viewing and in XML format for automated evaluation
  • Successfully used for years in the development of CODESYS products



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