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With Control plus you can speed up your PLC programming and HMI design effort by a big toolbox of device function blocks and generated PLC code and HMI screens.

This makes it possible to run individual movements and test manual functions within a few days after electrical commissioning. The first software phase of commissioning is often characterized by interface problems with devices and the creation of a basic project for the machine. This is where Control plus comes in. Thanks to existing function blocks for controlling the devices and the code generation of a basic project, this effort is almost completely eliminated. The tooling is working seemlessly together with the ctrlX PLC and ctrlX IO engineering.

  • No interface problems, because of ready-to-use function blocks
  • Easy and fast creation of projects for the machine
  • Continuous development and frequent update
  • Fully functional software with years of use in the industry
  • 3D Simulation and 3D HMI navigation as optional extensions
  • An active community of users

Reuse through objects

Control plus works with modular building blocks that have high quality and guarantee uniform use. We call these objects. In addition to a PLC library, objects also contain HMI views, documentation, scripts for code generation, etc. This allows for resuse not only at the library level but more holistically.

Control plus already contains many objects, but these can also be created by any user. Objects are not limited to single devices, even whole machine parts can be encapsulated in objects and thus stored in a reusable way. This makes it also interesting for modular machine construction.

From machine model to generated code

In our engineering tool Control plus Studio the PLC programmer creates the functional structure of the machine by using our objects as well as his own. At the push of a button, the automatic code and HMI generation starts. The programmer is provided with a basic code framework in ctrlX PLC that already contains the device function blocks. Due to our smart code injection it is possible to generate again at any time and to extend the generated code with project specific parts.

Editing the HMI

Control plus Studio contains an own HMI editor. Objects provide pre-created HMI views for e.g. executing device functions or setting parameters. These views are already functional. In addition to this the user can create any project specific views with the built in HMI editor out of a big choice to control elements. The frame of the HMI and the navigation are created automatically during the generation run, so there is no need to e.g. create links between the pages. This saves much effort and speeds up HMI editing.


Control plus makes it possible to simulate machine sequences against a digital twin. We also offer our own 3D Simulation solution that allows a PLC programmer to quickly and easily create the 3D Simulation by himself. This allows simulation on demand by the programmer and avoids to have experts dealing with simulation. Control plus can also be connected to other 3D simulation tools via the OPC UA interface provided.

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Bosch Connected Industry - Nexeed Control plus

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Bosch Connected Industry offers software and services for Industry 4.0 in a comprehensive portfolio under the name NEXEED. Based on the needs of its own Bosch plants and warehouses, NEXEED optimizes manufacturing and logistics processes in terms of transparency, agility, costs, quality and time and supports employees in their daily work. With NEXEED, Bosch Connected Industry enables the digitalization of the entire value chain. Employees at locations in Germany, Hungary and China are continuously developing the portfolio. In addition to the interoperable Nexeed Industrial Application System for connected manufacturing, customers also receive individual solutions for specific applications, retrofit solutions for existing plants, as well as a wide range of services such as consulting, technical support, employee qualification, and implementation assistance. For further information:

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