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Nexeed Control plus is a PLC engineering SW that supports the machine builder in the entire machine programming – from the PLC to the HMI. In addition, it is the leading system in all Bosch plants worldwide.


The SW concept is based on configuring the machine as easy and fast as possible with as less programming effort as possible. For this purpose, ready-to-use and field-proven SW blocks are used. Once the machine has been configured, the PLC code and the ready-to-use HMI are automatically generated and deployed to the controller. Only the programming of the step sequences is required.

What is Control plus?


Top 5 Advantages
  • Device connection without programming
  • Complete ePlan import with symbolism
  • Automatic generation ot the HMI with only one click
  • Additional employee qualification due to strong reduction of manufacturer-specific expert knowledge
  • Standardized development through configuration and code guidelines

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Nexeed Control Plus | ctrlX CORE X3 Solution  | CTRLX634777
Nexeed Control Plus | ctrlX CORE X7 Solution  | CTRLX965686

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Bosch Connected Industry offers software and services for Industry 4.0 in a comprehensive portfolio under the name NEXEED. Based on the needs of its own Bosch plants and warehouses, NEXEED optimizes manufacturing and logistics processes in terms of transparency, agility, costs, quality and time and supports employees in their daily work. With NEXEED, Bosch Connected Industry enables the digitalization of the entire value chain. Employees at locations in Germany, Hungary and China are continuously developing the portfolio. In addition to the interoperable Nexeed Industrial Application System for connected manufacturing, customers also receive individual solutions for specific applications, retrofit solutions for existing plants, as well as a wide range of services such as consulting, technical support, employee qualification, and implementation assistance. For further information:
Bosch Connected Industry NEXEED

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