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WebIQ designer license issue

WebIQ designer license issue

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We have one WebIQ designer license. This was working fine, until my laptop stopped working and the motherboard had to be replaced. Now I am not able to use webIQ designer anymore (see attached picture).

The license is still visable inside the ctrlXworks enviroment.

Is there any way we can reactive the current license?

Thanks in advance.


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Did you connect to a ctrlX CORE running the WebIQ server or are you using the windows installed version?

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

When I interprete you license code correct, it is a PC license. I think this license is connected to a finger print of your PC. Therfore I expect that changing the mother board of the PC changes the finger print of your PC. This means the license is not valid anymore. The article FAQ-Licensing-with-ctrlX-AUTOMATION say to contact the service. Here is an extraction of it:

Service Cases

Contact Service Hotline & Helpdesk for all questions concerning help, troubleshooting and repair. Inhouse, in the field or remote, available 24/7

+49 9352 40 50 60

Transferring Licenses to a new Device /exchanging a device

Contact Service and they can remove licenses in the Licensing Center from one device and map them to the next device. This may be relevant if you have mapped the license to the wrong device or if your device is defect and you wish to reuse the licenses. Name:

  • Account ID (Customer number)
  • Old serial number of you ctrlX CORE
  • New serial number of your ctrlX CORE


You are corrent, it is regarding a pc license. 
I have just sent an email to the emailadress you provided. 
once I know more, i will post it here an accept is as a sol