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Make widgets hidden and/or removed dependent on the user group


Make widgets hidden and/or removed dependent on the user group



is it possible to hide or remove widgets dependent on the user group?

For context: the admin may start the machine in safe mode and can change the acceleration in the settigns,

but the operator can only define the position in the settings and dont see the options for a safe mode, so he also dont get confused about it.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Make widgets hidden and/or removed dependent on the user group

unfortunately that is not possible at the moment, but it will be one of the important features in the next version WebIQ 2.10, which we want to launch in the summer.
As a workaround, a LocalScript can be used to write the user level to an auxiliary variable, e.g. virtual item 'virtual: userlevel'. When the HMI is started and the LocalScript is executed, it writes a numerical value to the item, which depends on the user group of the logged on user. This is defined in the LocalScript as follows:

/* private variables */
    var userLevel = {
        operator: 1,
        superuser: 2,
        admin: 3
With these defined values you can use the CSS-Class dialog to set the CSS class 'hidden' or 'invisible' as well as the 'Lock' dialog in the config pattern:

I have attached a test app as an example.
I know it's a bit inconvenient, but a comfortable solution will come soon in the next version.
I hope this helps for now
I wish you success


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