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How to define user Datalayer?

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How to define user Datalayer?

Dear Community,

(For me first time regarding SDK, so please let me know if there are any care points, mistakes and misunderstanding.)

Our customer have a question regarding DataLayer. They want to use be storing and sheared image file (Data) on the Datalayer. In that case, How to make a user data field on the Datalayer? or it's better things on the other way? 

And they want to know load of file to Datalayer from PC, also Do they possible load iamge file from PC via Ethernet or memory card?



Below Customer question (direct translation from Japanese):

I am implementing a C++ application that reads images from DataLayer and processes them.
The following points are still unclear.

  1. Is it possible to configure the settings for saving images from the camera to the DataLayer in the CtrlX Core web UI?
  2. When testing the implemented application, if I want to saving image data for testing to DataLayer, is it possible to saving image files to DataLayer from CtrlX Core's web UI?
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Re: How to define user Datalayer?

Please beware that the ctrlX Data Layer is a data broker and no storage. See documentation for further information. "ctrlX CORE Runtime, Application Manual  -->  Working with the ctrlX CORE  -->  Data exchange via Data Layer"

  1. There is an example in the SDK for ctrlX AUTOMATION that can be found on GitHub. There you can see how to publish many known data type to the Data Layer.
    SDK cpp example alldata providerSDK cpp example alldata provider

    So a picture could be published e.g. as type raw or a byte array.

  2. General files can be stored and read via the app data, where all apps put their configuration and working data.
    See this thread how to store data to the app data storage from c++.
    See this thread how to access app data from a PC via WebDAV. At the moment there is no function in the standard UI for uploading files only downloading is possible.

  3. An USB mass storage or an µSD card can be used as storage. See this thread for more information.


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Re: How to define user Datalayer?

Dear CodeShepherd 

Thank you quick replay!

It's very kindly information for us. We need to study step by step like this things with customer.

Best regards