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eal4Labview - Interpolation halted on wait

eal4Labview - Interpolation halted on wait

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I`m using eal4Labview in my Labview application to control 5 drives with HCS01.
I attached a part of my vi to control a drive. Should work simple...
- Power on drive
- check if error occured
- clear error if error occured
- move to absolute position
- wait until movement finished
- power off drive

I often get error 1172 "Interpolation halted on wait" from the (see attachment).
Anybody an idea why this happens and what I can do to solve this issue?

Best regards, Markus


Long-established Member

Hello Markus,

I would double check if in case of your exception S-0-0437 Bit3 is true.

In case it is this means the drive internal position command (P-0-0434) has not yet reached the target position of your move absolute vi and P-0-0048 is zero. This can i.e. happen if S-0-0259 is 0.

So you should check your move absolute vi if there was a velocity setpoint (!=0) commanded.  Please also check if the mentioned parameter is changed by an analog input or by another channel.

If this is not your solution please forward a par file in case of exception.

Best regards


I have taken over the topic “eal4Labview - Interpolation halted on wait” from Markus01, since I now maintain this project. The topic is already some time ago, but the problem unfortunately still exists.

I have now modified the procedure so that in case of an exception various parameters are logged, including those suggested by CodeKnecht (see attachment). Also attached is the par-file from the time of the exception and an excerpt from the diagnostic trace.

According to Diagnostic trace it is event E8260 "Torque/force command value limit active".Can it be that this is the actual trigger for the "Interpolation halted on wait" issue?

In the current case, the problem is with the Z1 axis, but the error pattern has also occurred with other axes.

I am grateful for any support.

Best regards

I'm just direct in contact with customer. He contacted us (Bosch Rexroth, Österreich). Regards, Stefan Svo.