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Connect ctrlX OPC UA Client with Siemens S7 OPC UA Server

Connect ctrlX OPC UA Client with Siemens S7 OPC UA Server

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Hello together,

how can I connect my ctrlX Core to my Siemens S7. In the S7 I release some variables from sensors (OPC UA Server). With them I want to work in the ctrlX. I created a OPC UA client on the ctrlX, but I get no connection to the IP address of the S7. It would be nice if someone can give me a step by step instruction for the connection between both devices. It could be also another third-party device (e.g. Beckhoff).




the configuration of ctrlX OPC UA Client has changed in version 1.10. So first it is necessary to know your version of the app.

Best regards!

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Hello, I use 1.10.

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Now the connection to the S7 works fine. But after a reboot of the core there is no automatic reconnection possible. Are there any settings to change for auto reconnect?


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We checked with our R&D and at the moment there is no setting to trigger an auto reconnect to a server. This has to be done "by hand" e.g. with the PLC function blocks or via the Data Layer in the application that uses the client.

You could also use an init script that executes commands after reboot. See this topic for further information.


I just created a short NodeRED Flow example how a reconnect to an OPC UA Server from the OPC UA Client App can be performed (Flow as .json file attached). Please read the comments in the flow before using.

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Hello yannic,

How did you connect to the Siemens Server via the opc ua client app on ctrlX core ?

Do you have some step by step documentation please ?

Thanks !


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Hello ILS,

you have to choose the right encryption. My choice is SHA256. Is has to be the same on S7 and ctrlX. Does it work now?


Hello Yannic,

Not for the moment...

How did you made the setup between the Siemens Server and the ctrlX Core client ?


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Hello ILS,

Some possible solutions...

1. On the S7 put your Variables in a Data Block with the function "DPRD_DAT"

2. Share this Data Block with OPC UA


Hope it will work...


Thanks Maurus