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ctrlX developR series just started

ctrlX developR series just started

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Some may already have watched our ctrlX developR series, but some may not know it and may even be surprised by this post.

We would like to collect open / honest / tough feedback from you, because we still have a few shoots ahead of us and can thus optimize the episodes yet to be produced. We would like to use your feedback for getting more out of the series.

These days already some episodes are online and more are to come:

  1. EPISODE #1 This is ctrlX AUTOMATION
  3. EPISODE #3 ctrlX Data Layer
  4. EPISODE #4 ctrlX Device Portal
  6. EPISODE #6 ctrlX World - Partner Apps
  7. EPISODE #7 Securtity
  8. EPISODE #8 REST-Interface & Automated Configuration
  9. EPISODE #9 ctrlX AUTOMATION Community
  10. EPISODE #10 PYTHON Programming
  11. EPISODE #11 Graphical Programming


So what is our goal with the series?

We want to get the target group (developers, digital natives) to find out more about ctrlX AUTOMATION, click from one episode to the next and at the end ask their boss whether they shouldn't even order a ctrlX CORE.

Now the request to you:

What do you miss in the form of our series?
What would you do differently?
Do you get enough detailed information?
Do you get enough technical depth to have a first impression?
Do you like the look and feel?
Would you like to have more topics? If yes, which?

So please feel free to help us improve our videos by adding posts in the comments and tell us what you think!


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Latest video was added:

#4 ctrlX Device Portal -

Videos up to episode 7 added