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Community Update, 08/2022 ... What's new?

Community Manager

Community Update, 08/2022 ... What's new?

Dear Community,

We made some updates in the last weeks for structure, functionality and look 'n feel.

  • Link to ctrlX AUTOMATION website in the header
    Link to the main website is now available via the logo in the header.

    ctrlX AUTOMATION Community Navigation .png

  • Mention user by @
    You can directly address a user by @ followed by the username.
    User will receive a notification automatically.


  • Extended attachment filter
    .css and .js files can now also be attached to a post.

  • Support of new languages for the <code> section
    JSON, YAML, GOLANG are now supported also in colored notation

  • New filter <Solution Sets> available for How-to area
    Remark: Second filter level for <Solution Sets> currently without importance. Update next release.


  • App articles within ctrlX Store show now the responsible contact person
    You'll find the contact person/author information at the end of each article.
    Simple click on the username to send a private message (Login required).


  • New function selector for forum available
    • New sort function:


      Remark: Most Viewed limited to 30 day range

    • Pagination function including preselected individual profile value


    • New filter function


      Option <My messages> only available after login.
      ⚠️ "Filter by text" can take a very long time when the selection is <All> 

    • Preview mode 👁 with 3 lines content
    • Forum headlines in the overview are now extended up to two lines


    • Reply link now active all the time


      Click on reply leads you to the latest unread reply for the post

    • All new functions are also available within the overall forum overview.

  • Some things we will fix for the next release
    • Floating a post entry to the top of a forum currently not available
    • Icons for attachements needs additional line in forum overview
    • New function selector in overall forum overview must be adapted e.g. board info is missing, look not harmonized
    • Indicator of active filter selection must be more visible, currently the arrow is only colored in red.
    • Enable a new market filter for Solution Sets.

Your Community Team.

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