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How to subscribe to MQTT broker using DeviceBridge app

How to subscribe to MQTT broker using DeviceBridge app

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I am trying to subscribe to 2 different brokers using the DeviceBridge app:

1. Cedalo MQTT Broker app on ctrlX CORE

2. Cloud based public broker like (Port 1883)


For Broker 1. I have created the MQTT device (see to DeviceBridge_Add_MQTT_Device_2022-09-13.png)

When I tested the connection to the broker, connection failed (see DeviceBridge_MQTT_Test_2022-09-13.png)

What do I do to be able to connect to the broker? Do you have some kind of a documentation available?


For Broker 2. how do I create the mqtt device but the server ( is not in IP address format?


Next, how do I subscribe to an mqtt topic once I have successfully connected to the broker from the DeviceBridge app?

Do I create an mqtt tag after? I mean so far I cannot test this because communication with the broker is still not established.

Hope anyone can help me on this. Thank you!


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Thank you for reaching out to us.

I have noticed a minor problem in the configuration.

1. Please set "SSL Protocol" to "None" 

2. Usually the MQTT port number is 1883 and not 8883 . Can you recheck this parameter

To connect to hive mq you can use the following configuration

1. IP Address :

2. Port : 1883

3. SSL Protocol : None

4 : Certificate : None

Unfortunately the current validation does not allow host names. We will enhance this in upcoming releases.

You can also reach us at :










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Hi, thank you for your feedback.

I changed to the IP address you suggested and connection is successful.

How did you convert from "" to the IP Address :

I added an MQTT tag to subscribe to a topic to get a temperature sensor data but where can I see this data from DeviceBridge app?


For the case of connecting to the ctrlX Cedalo MQTT Broker, the connection is still unsuccessful.

For secure MQTT, Port has to be set to 8883 for TLS connection and have to include parameters such as Username, Password and ClientId.

Any idea how can this be done within DeviceBridge?


Any news her or can this topic be closed?

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Minor enhancements added to this MQTT in the recent arm versions.

May i know the current arm version you're using for this MQTT subscription



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