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Version Error Confusion

Version Error Confusion

New Poster

Hey, I am absolutely confused: I can't get a PLC app (with PLC enginieering 1.12) to the Core (which is using PLC 1.10), because I get this error:



But when I upgrade to the latest version of PLC (1.12) on the Core, I will get this error:



I mean, can can you please check that there is compatibility to prior versions BEFORE you release a new version??

How do I resolve that issue? I mean, this is propably the simplest program I can think of....


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

The version 1.10 and also actual 1.12 are still prototype versions and not have up or downward compatibility. So please always use the version in one release to make sure everything works fine.

Your first error tries to tell you that you use firmware functions in your PLC libraries that do not exist on the ctrlX CORE (e.g. motion commands) or your ctrlX PLC runtine does not fit to your ctrlX CORE target in the ctrlX PLC Engineering. Would be good to see also the messages that tells you which reference could not be resolved.

So which ctrlX CORE target version in your PLC code did you choose? The ctrlX WORKS is installed on your PC has to fit to the ctrlX PLC runtine app. At the moment they should be all at least 1.12.x.
Or to be more precise in the actual released version it is as follows:

  • ctrlX WORKS 1.12.4 (including ctrlX PLC Engineering 1.12.2)
  • ctrlX CORE target in PLC engineering 1.12.20
  • ctrlX PLC app 1.12.2