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Configuring S20 Analog IO module in ctrlX PLC engineering

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Configuring S20 Analog IO module in ctrlX PLC engineering


Due to the current situation:

1. ctrlX I/O Analog Input and Output modules are still unavailable for sale (Prototype/ C-Sample phase).

2. S20 EC BK and S20 I/O's in general have ridiculously long lead time.


Can we use the S20 Analog Input/Output modules connected to a S20-ETH-BK and import the configuration into ctrlX PLC via MODBUS-TCP?

I have a hydraulic motor tightening system application where I want to create a program with the ctrlX PLC to read from an analog sensor (Torque sensor) via the S20-AI-4-U (Analog Input-Voltage, 4 channels) and write an analog output signal to a Hydraulic Proportional Valve (Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve Z3DREE10, 0 - 10 V Signal) via S20-AO-4-U (or other similar types from different manufacturer which is available with faster delivery).

The Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve is used to reduce the hydraulic pressure (determined by the Analog signal it receives from the Analog output) where it creates just enough amount of tightening torque at the Hydraulic motor shaft. The idea is to use the Torque sensor input and the Reducing Valve output as a closed-loop system. This application is not very precise but is acceptable by the customer with some acceptable tolerances.

The Torque sensor data also need to be stored in a database which can be done with Node-RED app and also for Visualization either Node-RED and/or WebIQ.

I was told that we have the Rexroth IAC control valve (like 4WRPDH10) that can accept Analog input which can take the Torque sensor directly as input command value and can communicate via EtherCAT but it is not available as a Pressure Reducing Valve.

Is the above possible by importing the CODESYS Fieldbus Communication library into ctrlX PLC and read/write the Analog Input/Output using the S20-ETH-BK? Or does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations?

Thank you!

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Re: Configuring S20 Analog IO module in ctrlX PLC engineering


  • ctrlX IO Analog are in PT and possible to order
  • S20-ETH-BK and the modules can be used and supported by the Modbus TCP App (10ms, can be used as RT Data within PLC) or CXA_ModbusTCP library (cannot assume the control-loop times, you need to test, depends on PLC task cylce time),
    but which control loop time you need in this application, this might be an issue.