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Signals not constant on ctrlX digital inputs

Signals not constant on ctrlX digital inputs

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We have a customer with a XB-EC-12, three modules of 16 digital inputs and three modules of 16 digital outputs,

Problem is that the signal of the inputs are going up and down at the same time,

We have checked on the datalayer and it happens the same, just to discart a problem with the PLC app,

We have also checked if the ethercat is OK and during this blinking it remains in OP,

The wiring also seems ok,

Last we checked the UP/UL signals of the module and it also blinks at the same time

Any idea what is happening?





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More information:

The voltage in UP/UL was between 23 and 23.3V, I do not think it is a Power Supply problem because if that is the case the Ethercat will also lose the connection with the inputs/outputs but this never happens,

Maybe it is a communication problem between the ctrlX Core and the Bus Coupler?

Sometimes they had the F4002 communication error in the drives so maybe this is caused by the bus coupler?


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We're in contact and checking it, will update asap

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Some news on this topic

  1. check for WKC errors and diagnosis in the EtherCAT Master
  2. seperate EtherCAT devices to own sync units
  3. check in the EtherCAT Master CoE Object the WKC object in the "Slave Diag Object" the "Cyclic WKC Error Counter" for each sync unit, when it is incrementing a EC device is forcing it
  4. when it comes from the ctrlX Drive try to adjust the Bus Sync Offset from 30% (600µs) to 60% (1200µs), e.g. for 2ms cylce time