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IO-Link gateway

IO-Link gateway

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We have a project in Codesys where we use ETC_ADS_IoLinkRead and ETC_ADS_IoLinkWrite FB from library EtherCATStack to read and write IO-Link parameters over EtherCAT to the IO-Link matser. Our idea is to try to move our project to ctrlX Core. We want to write IO-Link parameters over EtherCAT to the sensors at start up. Is there any FB for reading and writing IO-Link objects from an EtherCAT IO-Link gateway for ctrlX Core?



We are also looking into this, we assumed it should work but now are not so sure. Will this get implemented soon?

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I have the same issue: I would like to to read and write parameters of an IO-Link device. For this task I am looking for a funkction block.

As far as I could see, Codesys standard would be the function block ETC_ADS_IOLinkRead from the library IODrvEtherCAT. The same as mentioned in the previous post.

However, this library seems not to be included in the installation of ctrlX Works (v1.4.1) (download source: online collab. room).

Workaround: manual installation after export of the library above and some additional libraries due to dependencies. The export was done by a colleague from DC-AE.


Result: No errors in the code, but reading the parameters does not work. The function block seems to get stuck during execution. The output parameter xBusy remains permanently TRUE and xDone remains FALSE. The settings or input parameters have been successfully tested and verified using a soft PLC (Codesys) with the same IO-Link hardware.

I wonder if there is a release planned as the colleague (from DC-AE) who exported the libraries had the those available in his ctrlX works version.



with the release RM21.03 we will provide PLC funtion blocks for AoE read and AoE write.

  • IL_ECATAoeRead
  • IL_ECATAoeWrite

With these fuction blocks Aoe devices like an IO-Link Master can be accessed indirectly. So you can Read / Write Data from IO Link devices. IO -Link specific functionality has to be implemented within the plc program. Later on we will provide IO function blocks based on this two AoE function blocks for direct IO-Link access.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.