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WR21 Firmeware update

WR21 Firmeware update

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Community Moderator

Is there any improvement to the firmware update of a WR21?


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We improved the WR21 and want to inform you with this post about the details. Thank you for your Feedback!

General information about Updates = Release Candidates (=RC):

Webpanels are PT status and we delivered so far Webpanels with RC1, RC2 and RC4. We took your market feedback (forum, customers, sales, etc.) and improved step by step. Currently the new Webpanel orders are delivered with RC4.

What’s new with which RCx:

Everything what was improved in RC3 is also included in RC4, RC5 etc.


  • IP address is permanent changeable
  • IP address is easier to modify (only two fields are required to fill in (Ip address & gateway)
  • The bug that hard—and software naming of ETH1 and ETH2 was mixed is solved
  • The keyboard is now possible to set invisible (described in manual)
  • Swipe gesture to exit from kiosk mode (3 fingers in lower left corner)
  • Wifi module is enabled to use
  • Update of Apphub agent to 21245.2a7a8e2.20220908
  • Update Kisok app to v1.0.6
  • Update Webstation app to version 104.0.5112.69
  • Update Chromium app to 104.0.5112.97


  • We enabled that Webpanels can be updated easily by the customer himself. So, it is possible to update to RC5, RC6, etc in the field via App “OTP” which is preinstalled in RC4
  • For all devices with RC1 or RC2 or if you do not know which RC you have:
    • Please check: "settings" > "about tablet" > build date
    • If it is ≥ 20221122 you have nothing to do/ you already have RC4.
    • If you do not have this build date and want RC4 please write me an email: or contact STS Peter Budsky. We provide you the new firmeware via ad-hock and the manual steps (Chapter 4): for the update you need your Webpanel, a power supply and an empty USB Stick (for the file we provide).

RCx – what we plan for the next release candidate:

What we cannot solve due to restrictions:

  • Possibility to install other browsers -> License topic
  • Chromium (open source) allows not to disable the addressline in kiosk mode. We can only over the workaorund woth webview app.

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We improved the WR21 and want to inform you with this post about the details. Thank you for your Feedback!

New RC7:

  • Improved UX: "Splash-screen" (The PLC needs longer time then WR21, therefore the splash screen is pinging in the backround till an connection is established)
  • Improved the device and kiosk security
  • Pre-install AdvVideoPlayer app
  • Solved bug in spanish language set up
  • Fixed the bug of "Never Sleep" function in different languages
  • Update Kiosk setting app to v1.0.17
  • Removed phone and contacts apps
  • Support screen rotation function in settings
  • Support Bluetooth module: AW-CM276MA(SDIO-UART SD8997)
  • Support RTL8211F (LAN PHY)

You can download the update file as well as the "how-to" description here: 

You just need an USB stick and 15min of time
(customer can easily do the update themselves)

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Just one comment:

For all devices with RC1 or RC2, please first update to RC4 and afterwards to RC7 (like written above). We implemented in RC4 the update function. So as soon as you have RC4 all other RCs are posible to update.

If you need RC4 --> write an email to 

If you do not know which RC you have:

  • Please check: "settings" > "about tablet" > build date
  • If it is ≥ 20221122  you have nothing to do/ you already have RC4.