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Node red - Custom dashboard

Node red - Custom dashboard

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Hallo colleagues,

I am doing a dashboard with node red to control a cytropac, and I would like to make the dashboard beautiful for the customer. I found some templates on internet (see my first try bellow).

My question is : Couldn't we have a Rexroth Template (for example with the design of the website Rexroth) for Node Red ? It would take a considerable time to me to make it as I am not a developer, so It would help me and could help lots of people if someone had already done it and share it here


P.S : does it make sense to have a folder only for Node Red as there is one for Smart HMI - WebIQ ?


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Community Moderator

As far as I know we do not have a special template for Rexroth design in Node-RED. I will talk internally if it would make sense.

Node-Red is not really a solution for doing industrial HMIs. It is nice for some small application or machine parts but is lagging of some functions that are must have for a complete industrial machine like user management, change language...
So for us it is an IoT tool (as it is also was designed to be) and so is part of that channel in the forum.

EDIT: Please have also a look to the official examples as part of the node-red-contrib-ctrlx-automation palette on github. They can easily be inmported directly in Node-RED:
Node-RED import ctrlX AUTOMATION examplesNode-RED import ctrlX AUTOMATION examples

Ok thank's, let me know if it makes sense one day.

I use it for a very small HMI for a school. And the main purpose is to make nice and small local IOT.

For this use case it makes totally sense to use Node-Red with dashboard.

But I am afraid that up to now there is no theme done or planned for the dashboard by us. Feel free to create one and share it with the community.

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Hi, For our internal development of webGUI in Factory of the Future LAB we created some node-red template.

It looks more or less like in the attachment.

Let me know if you are interested - I can share it. Adam

Hi @Kookoolinoo 

I am interested. Can you share? Thank you

hi @Kookoolinoo ,

Thank's for the share, could you share it to me as well ?