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ctrlX Drive stuck in Initialization

ctrlX Drive stuck in Initialization

New Contributor

Hi Community,

My ctrlX Drive demo unit is stuck at initialization when power up. Connecting to ctrlX Drive USB engineering is working. 

I tried factory resetting the ctrlX in the drive to system image 1.20.10 is still stuck in initialization and not able to go into the ctrlX webpage.

It was working in the morning after i switch off to go for lunch and came back i realized is stuck in initialization when power up.



Anyone had this issue?

Warmest regards,


Community Moderator
Community Moderator

What did you do after the image reset? You need to at least install EtherCat master app and setup your fieldbus. Otherwise the drive will not boot up as no one is telling it to do so.

Could you create a system report including the app data (active configuration) so we can have a look to it?

After the image reset we are not able to go into the ctrlX webpage, we also could not setup the ethercat master app and generate the system report from the app data.

it is stuck in initialization (blue) and cant turn to green.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Like mentioned above it cannot switch up to green on its own without doing some settings.

Please keep in mind that IP will be reset to after image reset.

  • Can you ping this address?
  • Did you try to delete your browser cache and reload the page?
  • Are the network settings of the OS fitting?
  • Is a VPN active?

It is working now i think something was conflicting with the ip address.