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How to configure Gantry and Safe Zone in Visual Coding of IDE App?

How to configure Gantry and Safe Zone in Visual Coding of IDE App?


Hello Community,

currently our customer is testing with the Visual Coding of IDE App for a classical cartesian robotic for pick&place application.

For X-Axis we want to configure a Gantry and a Safe Zone but we don't know how to configure it in Visual Coding. The Core runtime and App version in use is 1.12. 

A short description or manual would be much appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Just to be sure safe areas are only possible to use for a kinematic not a single axis movement.

In the graphical programming for safe are/work zone (see documentation) as well as gantry functionality (see documentation) is no easy to use abstraction like for the movement commands. You will have to use the "Lowmotion" functions.

What  you have to do is:

  1. In the ctrlX CORE web UI:
    1. switch on gantry function for the two axis that should be able to be coupled
      Web UI axis setting gantryWeb UI axis setting gantry
    2. configure gantry master as X and two more axes as Y and Z in your kinematic
      Web UI setup kinematicWeb UI setup kinematic
    3. create the safe are you want to use.
      Web UI safe areasWeb UI safe areas
  2. In your program:
    1. set up the kinematic and axes in the motion configuration
      IDE graphical motion configurationIDE graphical motion configuration

    2. initialize all configurations, so motion objects will get set to correct state
    3. add gantry slave axis to the gantry master and move your kinematic
      IDE graphical gantry and safe area programIDE graphical gantry and safe area program


it worked successfully. Thanks for the detailed instruction.