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Ethernet/Ip on the CtrlX-Core under Allen Bradley PLC

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Ethernet/Ip on the CtrlX-Core under Allen Bradley PLC

Hello dear community members,

I am trying to use the CtrlX-Core as Ethernet/Ip adapter (eth1 port) under an Allen-Bradley plc (Ethernet/ip scanner)

I am still trying to manually configure the Assembly Instances here, but unfortunately my AB plc still can not communicate with the CtrlX-Core. I am still using a Generic Ethernet/Ip Adapter module in my RSLogix project.

This is the configuration I am using now (I can “ping” all the devices):

  • CtrlX-Core (eth0) - only engineering via tcp/ip (
  • CtrlX-Core (eth1) - only Ethernet/Ip (Adapter as
  • Allen-Bradley Scanner with

I have also set my Allen-Bradley plc (Scanner) with the Assembly Instances of 64 (O-->T) and 65 (T-->O), according to the Ethernet/Ip Module page on CtrlX-Works project. I am leaving the configuration instance as 110.

I am using a pretty old AB controls here (Logix5555) which does not allow to import EDS libraries into my RSLogix project. My RSLogix >> Tools option does not have the option to install an EDS file. However, I was able to install the EDS by using the RSLinx, which pretty much recognizes and accepts the Ethernet/Ip Adapter (no question mark icon anymore).

One weird thing is that my “Ethernet_IP_Adapter” device points out an error to open the port, even though I have configured the “Ethernet” device at Eth1 to use the address.

My “Ethernet” device status appears to be Running.

In the past, I could easily connect this AB plc to my IndraDrive by using the Assembly Instances of 110 (configuration), 101 (Scanner to Adapter) and 102 (Adapter to Scanner).

But now, with the CtrlX-Core I am having some hard time to find the E/ip adapter.

Am I missing something here?

I am attaching the CtrlX-Core EXPORT file here, as well as the screenshots.

Any help is much appreciated! 😊

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Re: Ethernet/Ip on the CtrlX-Core under Allen Bradley PLC

Could you please point put how the adapter is implemented? The ctrlX CORE itself has no onboard EtherNetIP functionality at the moment.

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Re: Ethernet/Ip on the CtrlX-Core under Allen Bradley PLC

Hey CodeShepherd,

Thanks for your kind reply.

Even to use the CtrlX-Core as Ethernet/Ip Adapter is it required to have the extended version which includes the XF23 and XF24 ports ?

When the CtrlX-Core X5/X7 are supposed to be out for sales?

Thanks so much in advance.

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Re: Ethernet/Ip on the CtrlX-Core under Allen Bradley PLC

If you like to use the onboard Ethernet/IP functionality you will always need the ctrlX COREplus, yes.

You could use the CodeSys Ethernet/IP softstack based on PLC on any version of the ctrlX CORE.

ctrlX COREplus X7 is planned to have prototypes end of this year.