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Can't ping or connect to CtrlX core over WiFi dongle

Can't ping or connect to CtrlX core over WiFi dongle

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I'm trying to set up my CtrlX Core to be accessible over a WiFi network. I bought a USB WiFi dongle and plugged it into the USB-C port. It's showing up as another adapter under the connectivity settings. I immediately saw it show up on my router and assigned it an IP with DHCP which now shows up on the web interface. I can ping that assigned IP and get a response if I do this from the router but trying to do this from my PC or typing the IP into a browser to try to access the interface never gets a response.

The CtrlX now shows that it has WiFi as well so it appears to be connecting fine. Is there some setting I have to do to allow connections over the USB adapter?


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This sounds like an issue wih IP routing. Since you can ping the ctrlX-CORE from the router there is nothing which needs to be changed on the core side. What is the subnet of the wifi dongen and is this equal to the subnet your PC uses?
For instance if the Wifi network has and the PC is on you need a routing entry in your router to make sure a ping form 192.168.11.x (IP address of the PC) is routed to subnet and not towards the internet what it normally would do.