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The Node-RED app is the Node-RED framework adapted for ctrlX AUTOMATION by Bosch Rexroth. The open source tool Node-RED is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license and is a graphic development tool developed by IBM. On the server side, the framework is based on Node.js, while operation takes place via a graphical user interface in the browser. With Node-RED, different nodes for input, output and processing can be connected to one another in a so-called flow. This allows data to be processed as well as various processes or devices to be monitored and controlled.

The Node-RED user interface called Flow Editor consists of three main areas, the node panel, the sheets panel and the info and debug panel. In the node panel on the left there is a list of the installed and available nodes. These are divided into categories, such as input and output categories, and can also be expanded via package manager. The Sheets panel in the middle defines the work area with the so-called flows. Here, the nodes from the node panel are added by drag and drop, connected to each other and configured. The info and debug panel on the right is divided into tabs. The information area shows the description of a selected node. The debug node outputs or internal errors are listed in the debug panel.

The Node-RED Dashboard tab gives access to a live data dashboard created via a set of nodes from the node panel of the Flow Editor. The dashboard layout should be considered as a grid, where different objects can be arranged accroding to the application need.

  • Node-RED Runtime
  • Flow Editor for graphical configuration
  • Live-Data Dashboards

Flow editor example „Oscilloscope data to Influx database”

Flow Editor Example Oscilloscope Data to Influx DatabaseFlow Editor Example Oscilloscope Data to Influx Database

Node-RED nodes for ctrlX Data Layer

Node-RED nodes for ctrlX Data Layer
Latest features in version 0120.0
  • Node LTS update to version v18.15.0

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