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The Data Gateway is the core service for integrating and processing cynapse related data (process data, parameters and data logger information) enabling condition monitoring applications. The service provides collected sensor data in a structured format and can integrate them into multiple target systems (e.g. database, cloud system etc.) in parallel and on a continuous basis. Thereby, the Data Gateway supports you with an automated integration of cynapse data into your machine infrastructure and reduces manual integration effort. In addition, it is possible to integrate additional data points into the Data Gateway via OPC UA.

The Data Gateway is a mandatory prerequisite for all additional WITTENSTEIN apps such as cynapse Monitor. Besides this base version for serving other WITTENSTEIN services, Data Gateway is available in an advanced version. This license enables you to add additional, individual data targets like e.g. Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, MQTT Broker etc.

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WITTENSTEIN - Data Gateway

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  • WITTENSTEIN cynapse feature
  • IO-Link Master
    • ifm AL-series with IoT-Port
    • Pepperl & Fuchs with OPC UA Server
    • CoreTigo 2TH 

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With around 3,000 employees worldwide, WITTENSTEIN SE enjoys an impeccable reputation for innovation, precision and excellence in the field of mechatronic drive technology – not just in Germany but internationally. The group comprises seven pacesetting Strategic Business Divisions with separate subsidiaries for servo gearheads, servo actuator systems, miniature servo units, innovative gearing technology, rotary and linear actuator systems, electronic and software components for drive technologies as well as servo motors for nano-precise positioning. With its electric powertrains, WITTENSTEIN is also in demand as a development partner for efficient electromobility. Through its 60 or so subsidiaries and agents in approximately 40 countries, WITTENSTEIN is represented in all the world's major technology and sales markets.

WITTENSTEIN SE's fundamental orientation towards intelligent mechatronic drive systems and the fusion of micro and macro technology will continue to drive the advancement of its core know-how and competencies dynamically in all areas.


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