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Solution Set for Controls Only applications

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ctrlX AUTOMATION provides the most open Automation Solution for every type of controlled application

The ctrlX CORE supports the requirements of a modern control system also in the field of infrastructure and traffic, supply, energy or safety facilities. At the same time, the ctrlX CORE can also be used as a web-based HMI solution. And without compromising on safety: The control system ctrlX SAFETY is the most compact and responsive safety solution on the market. Thanks to the openess of ctrlX CORE it can be used in a wide range of applications.

The following fields of application can be used as examples of PLC-controlled processes: 

  • Agriculture
  • Building Automation
  • Hydrogen
  • Recycling
  • Infastructure / Tunnel
  • Water Supply and Water Treatment
  • and many more

In addition to the function as a PLC control, the ctrlX CORE can also serve as an edge device. Furthermore, the HMI can be used web-based and the ctrlX Safety control can be used for safety-critical functions. 

  • Compact solution in one device (all in one device) – control & edge device
  • Open architecture with app integration (integrate your own process app) 
  • Possible Web based HMI solution 
  • Low Code programming 
  • Sequence program in high-level language programming (Python, C, C##, etc.)
  • Endless expansion options 
  • Remote Access via Device Management
  • Fast & compact safety solution (in connection with the safety controller) 
  • Secure by design / Security level 3 onboard

Solution set for PLC-control

Configuration example in the field of controlling and IoT. Select the solution set and customize your individual configuration with the ctrlX Configurator. 

Schematic Example PLC-control
Schematic example PLC-control
Application Example PLC-control
Application example PLC-control
Configuration Example PLC-control
ctrlX Configurator example PLC-control


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