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The FANUC RMI-Connector allows easy integration of FANUC robots into the ctrlX World ecosystem. If the app is installed on a ctrlX CORE device, it can connect to the FANUC Remote Motion Interface of one or more FANUC robots.  

The connected robots are automatically integrated into the ctrlX Data Layer. Via the ctrlX Data Layer, the FANUC RMI-Connector enables the control of the robots (execute motion, switch payload, switch DOs, …) and provides current robot data (joint-positions, cartesian pose, …). This allows any other app on your ctrlX CORE to evaluate the dynamically updated robot data and, for example, send motion instructions to robots. The app also includes a webserver that can be used for some basic operations and robot status monitoring. 

The FANUC RMI-Connector allows you to control FANUC robots centrally from a ctrlX CORE without having to learn FANUC specific programming languages. Instead, you can use the tools you are familiar with, such as the ctrlX PLC, the ctrlX IDE or even third-party apps, which minimizes the effort required to integrate robots into your production environment. 

Integration of FANUC robots into the ctrlX World ecosystemIntegration of FANUC robots into the ctrlX World ecosystem
FANUC robot information in the ctrlX Data LayerFANUC robot information in the ctrlX Data Layer
Example of FANUC robot control (JointMotionJRep) via the ctrlX Data LayerExample of FANUC robot control (JointMotionJRep) via the ctrlX Data Layer
Webserver "Connection" - SubpageWebserver "Connection" - Subpage
Webserver "Robot - Status" - SubpageWebserver "Robot - Status" - Subpage
Webserver "Jogging" - SubpageWebserver "Jogging" - Subpage


FANUC RMI-Connector App
FANUC RMI-Connector

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  ctrlX OS License - Fanuc - RMI Connector for 5 robots (1 Year)
R911420197 - SWL-W-XC*-RMI*FANUC****5R-Y1NN

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  • FANUC robot with a controller software version 9.10/P19 (7DF1) or higher
  • The Remote Motion Interface (RMI) software option must be enabled on the robot controller
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+49 (0)7158 1282 4399 , Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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With over 60 years of experience in the development of CNC technologies, more than 27.5 million installed products and over 8000 employees worldwide, FANUC is one of the world's leading manufacturers of factory automation, industrial robots, CNC systems, wire EDM and injection molding machines, and vertical machining centers. FANUC's own production has the highest level of automation in the industry, and we are the only company in the industry to design and manufacture all major components ourselves. That's why we know exactly what you need - and offer you the highest quality, functional reliability and guaranteed high productivity.

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