Establish connection to ctrlX DRIVE via ctrlX CORE

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When EtherCAT master communication is configured in ctrlX DRIVE, we need a running and configured EtherCAT master (if panel not equipped) to connect with ctrlX DRIVE Engineering.

Sample structure where a communication trough Ethercat master is necessary:

  • ctrlX DRIVE is configured with ctrlX CORE option (type plate code X3). To access local/integrated ctrlX DRIVE or drives connected via EtherCAT we need to configure EtherCAT master


  • ctrlX DRIVE is configured with  multi ethernet option (type plate code ET) and master control protocol EtherCAT is active. To access drive we need to configure EtherCAT master of ctrlX CORE


Possible connection to drive:

  • connect via a propritary protocoll to ctrlX CORE and search for drives (no route settings necessary on engineering PC)
  • establish TCP/IP connection to drive via EtherCAT EoE by routing trough ctrlX CORE
  • use a operating panel (optional)

Following steps need to be done to configure and run the EtherCAT master:

  1. Select EtherCAT protocol on drive side via display or ctrlX DRIVE Engineering and connect the fieldbus cables. Wiring order is mandatory: for EtherCAT IN (cable from control) use lower ethernet port, for EtherCAT OUT (cable to next drive) use upper ethernet port on drive.
  2. Use ctrlX WORKS or Windows network devices to find connected ctrlX CORE via ethernet (Engineering Port ctrlX CORE: XF10)
  3. Open setup site of ctrlX CORE in a web browser, login and go to EtherCAT > Configuration to define the ethernet adapter to be used as EtherCAT master (EthercatMaster App needs to be installed). Connect your EtherCAT devices to port XF50.


  4. Navigate to Automation and open ctrlX IO Engineering


  5. Push β€œScan for devices” to find EtherCAT devices connected to defined EtherCAT adapter.


  6. Add devices to project


  7. Activate EoE on master and each drive (only needed if you want to communicate directly with drive via EoE). Therefor you need to enable expert settings first.

    ctrlX DRIVE Establish Connection


    Optional: Change cyclic process data according your application requirements (expert settings needs to be enabled)MDT=data from control to device; AT=data from device to control
  8. Download configuration to EtherCAT master


  9. Since Device Admin 1.12.0, you have to enable IP forwarding on both engineering interfaces to forward standard Ethernet traffic to the eoe interface.
    ctrlX CORE EtherCAT Settings

  10. Add a route to your PC via command line. (open with admin rights) This step is mandatory if you want to communicate via EoE. Ping drive is only possible if EtherCAT state is min. Preop


  11. Try to connect to ctrlX DRIVE with Indraworks using EoE - only possible if EtherCAT state is min. Preop


  12. Try to connect to ctrlX DRIVE with Indraworks via control. Therefor select a control type, enter IP of control and search for devices. Only possible if EtherCAT state is min. Preop


  13. You are connected - configure your ctrlX DRIVE 😎

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Hi CodeKnecht

It would be great when you could update this how to with the topic process data. Please take a look here:




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For me also necessary was the info from https://developer.community.boschrexroth.com/t5/Communication/Ethercat-EoE-Version-1-12/m-p/51083#M1...

that for the eoe0 Port also the IP-forwarding has to be activated !!!!!   😊

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Thanks for your hints πŸ‘πŸΌ how-to was updated.

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I don't see an option to download this as pdf. That would be good for instructions like this.