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Connect real ctrlX CORE via proxy to the Internet

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This expert guide shows how to configure the ctrlX CORE to connect via a proxy on your PC to the internet. For example installing NodeRed pallets in the ctrlX CORE - Node-RED App.

connection  route of ctrlX CORE to the internetconnection route of ctrlX CORE to the internet

  • The Windows host PC must have Internet access.
  • Latest release of Px.exe or a similar proxy running on the PC, and allows connections from other interfaces (gateway mode). This tool will start processes invisible in the background. See task manager if it is running. There will be 2 or 3 instances if everything is correct.
    !Please be aware that this is an open source tool not provided by Rexroth!
  • Px is only listening on localhost addresses in default settings. So settings in Px.ini needs to be changed to listen to your specific IP (listen = or all IPs (gateway = 1).

Use cases

The Windows host PC is in same local network as the ctrlX CORE and:

  1. "behind a corporate proxy" which (normally) needs authentication.
  2. connected directly to open internet (e.g. home network).
  1. Firewall inbound exception has to be added that allows incoming connections to port 3128:
    Windows firewall settings "Programs and Services"Windows firewall settings "Programs and Services" Windows firewall settings "Protocols and Ports"Windows firewall settings "Protocols and Ports"
  2. Start your proxy tool (e.g. Px)
  3. Log into the ctrlX CORE WebUI and navigate to "Settings --> Proxy ". Add proxy address (refering to the Px proxy running on the Windows host PC) and save:
    ctrlX CORE WebUI proxy settingsctrlX CORE WebUI proxy settings
  4.  Restart of the control is required for settings to take effect

Afterwards you have direct internet access at your ctrlX CORE and e.g. palettes can be installed in the ctrlX Node-RED app.

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