Connect ctrlX CORE with ELMO Drive

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In the following we show you how to use ctrlX CORE with ELMO Drive.

Versions used
All the functions and screen shots are based on:

  • Engineering: ELMO Application Studio EAS II version 64Bit
  • ELMO Platinum Drive Harmonica      B07         19Oct2021
  • ELMO Platinum Drive Twitter            B07         19Oct2021
  • ctrlX CORE version 1.20
  • ctrlX WORKS 1.20


A connection to the ctrlX CORE has been successfully established (Browser), the device is correctly wired, and 24 V are successfully put on. As well as the Engineering tool ctrlX WORKS Engineering has been started, and the EAS II (ELMO Application Studio) has been installed and started.

1. What is the target of this description

Show configuration of EtherCAT CoE and Motion app with ctrlX WORKS to get a running system with ELMO drive.

2. What is required
  1. actual device description file from ELMO drives (actual version ElmoPlatinum_10_V120027_S.xml)
  2. installed EtherCAT Master App, Motion App and PLC App on the ctrlX CORE

3. Configuration of IO Engineering
  1. Open "Device Repository"
    Open Device RepositoryOpen Device Repository
  2. Install device description fileInstall device description fileInstall device description file

  3. Scan device and insert in project
    IO Engineering Scan devicesIO Engineering Scan devices
  4. Download IO configuration to ctrlX COREDownload configuration to CoreDownload configuration to CoreIO Engineering StartupIO Engineering Startup

Check the startup parameters, to use the Cyclic synchronous Position (CSP) operation mode (ELMO operation mode "Position = 5").

4. Configuration of ctrlX CORE, Axis Profile and Motion
  • Add Axis profile, enter a name, select CANopen over Ethercat
    Add axis profileAdd axis profile




  • Map the variables from the drive to the axis profile
    Core axis profile variables mappingCore axis profile variables mapping

    Core axis profile mapping details driveCore axis profile mapping details drive!! Important !! Open the profile over the Data Layer to make the Scaling configuration of this drive.

  • You can check the resolution information with the ELMO Application Studio, see screenshot below. This drive doesn´t support the scaling objects (optional) that the ctrlX CORE motion normally needs. In this case you have to make the scalings inside the control.
    Check settingsCheck settingsData Layer settings 1Data Layer settings 1Data Layer settings 2Data Layer settings 2
  • Add a Motion axis and connect the axis to the profile
    You can later change the format or the limits and so on, but these must match with the drive parameterization.

Add motion axis connect profileAdd motion axis connect profile

  • Switch the motion in running mode
    Switch the motion in runningSwitch the motion in running


5. Create and check settings of ELMO drive
  1. Start the ELMO Application Studio and Connect the driveLoad ELMO application suiteLoad ELMO application suite
  2. Check the scaling and modulo parametrizationCheck scalingCheck scalingCheck modulo behaviourCheck modulo behaviourHint: If you want to command the axis by ELMO Application Studio you must switch the parameter "af", see screenshot.

    Switch parameter "af"Switch parameter "af"
6. Run the Motor (via Motion App)

Step 1: Run motor via Motion AppStep 1: Run motor via Motion App

Step 2: Run motor via Motion AppStep 2: Run motor via Motion App
Hint: If this is working you can start with your PLC program. 

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