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What is SingleKey ID?

The SingleKey ID is a digital identity platform with a single sign-on function that offers users secure and convenient access to applications such as Bosch websites, shops, apps and services. With SingleKey ID you can access the digital services of a growing number of partners worldwide. SingleKey ID eliminates the need to manage many different digital identities and credentials and connects all Bosch digital applications into one seamless ecosystem. All websites and apps currently using Bosch ID will be switched to SingleKey ID.

What happens with my Bosch ID?

Bosch ID becomes SingleKey ID. This means that all digital services that now use Bosch ID are currently working on the transition to SingleKey ID, which may take some time. As soon as a service, e.g. a website, a shop or an app, has switched to SingleKey ID and you have accepted the terms of use, you can log in to Bosch ID and SingleKey ID with the same access data.

Please do not register with a different email address and password for SingleKey ID. You can use your existing Bosch ID access data to log in with SingleKey ID. Please keep in mind that changing your access data or deleting your ID always affects the login with the other ID.

How do I register to the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community?

You register to the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community using the Bosch-ID. The Bosch-ID is a combination of your email address and your password. The Bosch-ID will be used for all public web services offered by Robert Bosch GmbH. Some web services require additional information for providing the full service, e.g. the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community requires your personal nickname (username).

What are the additional functions/benefits for a registered member?

Most of all information within the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community are public, but registered members can also start a new topic or reply to posts within the forum. Additional private messaging is also possible, so you can directly contact another member or the moderator team. Future services are being planned.

How can I find my nickname?

After registration and login, your nickname will be presented within the myRexroth profile dialog as long as you don't setup your first and last name in the private settings.

Community FAQ How To Find Your Nickname

Your nickname will also be shown under myRexroth > Community Profile (See picture above, link directly below Your Nickname)

Community FAQ How To Find Your Nickname


Can I change my nickname after registration?

Changing your nickname after registration is possible. Enter myRexroth and go to Community Settings. In "My settings" choose "Personal" to find the Username dialog, where you can change your current nickname. 

Community FAQ Open Community Settings
Community FAQ My Settings Change Username


How can I set my personal profile picture?

You can set your profile picture under myRexroth > Community Profile. Click on the picture above your nickname.

Community FAQ Profile Picture


You can also select different sources for your profile picture - Avatar

Community FAQ Profile Picture


What personal settings can I adjust?

All personal settings and your individual setup of the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community will be managed by myRexroth > Community Settings.

Community FAQ My Settings

Interesting settings are

  • My Settings > Personal > Email: Controls if any email will be sent to your email account
  • My Settings > Personal > Personal Information: First and last name for login information, public biographical data
  • My Settings > Preferences > Preferences Options: Time zone, automatically subscribe, show confirmation for posts
  • My Settings > Preferences > Display: Date format, quick reply option
  • My Settings > Preferences > General: Mark post as read, sort topics by
  • My Settings > Preferences > Linear Layout: Topics per page, posts per page
  • My Settings > Preferences > Private Messenger: Turn on private messages, receive email notification


How can I contact a community member directly?

You can use the internal member to member messaging to establish a private conversation.

Community FAQ Private Message


How will I be informed if someone replies to my question, like email or notification marker?

You have to mark your blog article or forum post with a check mark at the end of the page to receive a notification when somebody replies.

Community FAQ Email Reply

Once someone replied a red dot will appear, click on Notification and the Notification feed will open. 

Community FAQ Notification


Community FAQ Notification Feed


How can I receive updates for blog articles?

There are different ways to to get an update for a blog article, e.g. for content updates. You can subscribe to RSS Feed or to email notification.

Community FAQ Subscription RSS Feed


Copy the link of the blog article

Community FAQ Subscription RSS Feed


Add the link for a new RSS Feed in Outlook

Community FAQ Subscription RSS Feed
Community FAQ Subscription RSS Feed

Email notification can be set up under Subscriptions & Notifications > Notification Settings to automatically subscribe to all topics or reviews you participate in.
Community FAQ Notification Settings


I saved the blog content with the <SAVE DRAFT> button. How can I find the draft version again?

The draft version will be saved in your blog dashboard, which you can find under myRexroth.

Community FAQ Blog Dashboard


What is the best way to search or filter information?

The best way to find information is to search and filter all content via search button on the start page or via Top Tags at the end of the start page.

Community FAQ Search Content
Community FAQ Search Content

Community FAQ Top Tags


What is the differents between <Latest Topics> and <Latest Posts> on the start page?

Under <Latest Topics> you can see all the topics, which are posted within the community. Whereas <Latest Posts> shows the replies to the topics.


Is it possible to stay logged in to the community for an unlimited time?

Currently you will automatically be logged off after approx. 3 hours (200 minutes) of inactivity.

How can I edit an article after its been posted?

Take a look at the picture below. After you have edited your message you can re-post it again.

Community FAQ Edit Message After Posting

How can I start a topic within the Forum?

How can I reply to a Forum post?

Is it possible to modify a forum post at a later date?

Due to a time based edit restriction you can only modify your forum post for 72 hours after it's been posted.


Hi, I am Katja a member of the ctrlX AUTOMATION Community team. Feel free to reach out if you need any support.
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