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Bosch DeviceBridge is an Industry 4.0 software that provides a single, scalable and secure connectivity to industrial assets in a manufacturing industry.  It connects to wide variety of legacy and new industrial assets and data sources like CNC’s, PLC’s, Sensors, etc. within a single instance. DeviceBridge acquires manufacturing data, processes the same and deliver it to upstream IT Applications, like MES, in the demanded format.

By simplifying Industrial Connectivity, DeviceBridge is enabling customers to drive decisions with real time manufacturing data. Customers can develop business insights harnessing the power of Manufacturing Data.

DeviceBridge supports connectivity to most of the popular control system in the market
  • Siemens – PLCs and CNCs
  • Mitsubishi PLCs
  • Allen Bradley PLCs
  • Rexroth PLCs
  • OPC Servers (OPC UA/DA)
  • Modbus Server (TCP, RTU)
  • Others…

PortfolioPortfolioAll major Industrial Communication Protocols are supported – Ethernet/IP, S7 Protocol, Modbus, MC Protocol, MT Connect, Serial, OPC, etc.

Sample Topologies

Sample TopologiesSample Topologies

Once the data is collected, a lot of flexibility offered at the Edge Level – Custom Data formatting, Custom Data Model (Json, XML), Conversions, Edge computation. With Dynamic Collector, the end user can define own Business Logic with Graphical interface (Google Blockly).

The processed data can be sent to Multiple Upstream Applications.

Overview Working Principle

Overview Working PrincipleOverview Working Principle

Overview Functional Architecture

Overview Functional ArchitectureOverview Functional Architecture

Device Management - Demo
Device Management Source ConfigurationDevice Management Source Configuration
Monitor the Processed Data in the CollectorMonitor the Processed Data in the Collector
Edit Collector and Define Custom Business Logic with Graphical InterfaceEdit Collector and Define Custom Business Logic with Graphical Interface
Define Custom Data Model for example in JSON or XMLDefine Custom Data Model for example in JSON or XML
Notes on Licensing
  • "Tag" is one data point that is collected from the Device.
  • "Device" is one "Controller" with unique IP address that is connected to DeviceBridge (Ex: Siemens S7-314 PLC).
  • Multiple licenses are currently available for DeviceBridge
    • 100 Tags - 1 Device
    • 200 Tags - 2 Devices
    • 500 Tags - 5 Devices
    • 2000 Tags - 20 Devices.
  • Licenses can be combined and activated on the ctrlX CORE as desired, e.g DeviceBridge license with 100 tags + 200 tags. This results in total of 300 tags and connection of upto 3 Devices.

The upper limit for tags depends on the load of ctrlX CORE. For performance reasons, in case of ctrlX CORE X3 it is recommended not to exceed 200 Tags - 2 Devices.

Special licenses for machine builders are available. Get in touch with the DeviceBridge team.

Latest update and fixes for version 3.0 
  • Google Blockly integration
  • New Mitsubishi A-series Driver
  • 10 days trial license available
  • New drivers and connectors, e.g. ctrlX Data Layer and Beckhoff ADS
  • ctrlX CORE Hardware -> Hardware running ctrlX OS
  • System Apps and Licenses
    • Data Layer License (optional)
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Bosch Global Software Technologies Pvt Ltd, BGSW (formerly known as Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions) is one of the world’s leading global suppliers of technology and services. With over 23,000 associates BGSW is Bosch’s largest software development center outside Germany. With a global presence in US, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, it offers end-to-end Engineering, IT and Business Solutions. BGSW’s unique ability to offer end-to-end solutions that connect sensors, software, and services, makes it the right choice of a “digital transformation partner” for businesses whose goal is to improve performance by introducing a digital element in their products and processes.
Robert Bosch GmbH

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