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The 36ZERO Vision Connector app is a self-service connector between 36ZERO Vision's highly accurate optical quality inspection system and a device, running ctrlX OS.

By using our easy-to-use no-code web platform, a quality inspection system can be set up in a short amount of time. With the help of the 36ZERO Vision Connector app, our Vision software can communicate to the industrial world to:

  1. Receive the correct configuration of parts to verify with the visual inspection.
  2. Send back results for performing actions like discarding defective parts through a robot, visualizing information in dashboards or storing it in long-term quality management systems.

Easy automation of industrial processes with the drag & drop platform of ctrlX OS with various industrial players. The 36ZERO Vision Connector app acts as a bridge between the industrial world, which is abstracted in the Data Layer from ctrlX OS, and the quality inspection system from 36ZERO Vision. It is a very lightweight app, which can be easily configured and changed according to automation needs.


Our powerful web-based solution analyzes all kinds of 2D images.

  • Automated image acquisition without a line-stopper
  • Visual inspection of parts
  • Identifying faulty assembly, for example missing screws
  • Detection of anomalies
  • Identification and tracking of parts
  • A.I. based fault detection is better than human-level accuracy
  • Real-time quality status notifications and reports
  • Text and code reading are a standard for us

ctrlX Data Layer in combination with powerful 36ZEROVision PlatformctrlX Data Layer in combination with powerful 36ZEROVision Platform
  • ctrlX OS Device, e.g. ctrlX CORE
  • Industrial-PC to bring 36ZERO Vision AI algorithm into production, without the need for a permanent internet connection.
  • Support of 2D-Cameras via a Gig-E or USB-3 Connection and line scan cameras.

Depending on the Use Case all prerequisites can be provided by 36ZERO Vision.


Support Portal 1)
support@36zerovision.com 2)

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36ZERO Vision is an AI-based software solution for visual quality automation to identify characteristics, anomalies, missing parts and reading of industrial text, this increases transparency and productivity through the entire process of quality control.

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1)  Request access to the support portal for 36zerovision.atlassian.net via Jira.
2) Note on data protection: The email is sent directly to the partner company! This company is responsible for the processing of the data contained. Please read their data protection information before sending this email! Bosch Rexroth is not responsible for the use of the partner company's support.
3)  To use the platform please register with us via the e-mail address provided or via our support portal.

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