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Data buffer & limit on the number of add-ons

Data buffer & limit on the number of add-ons

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Do the data that being sent or shown on the HMI be buffered in case of interruption or connection problem? If yes, can the buffer size be configured?

Is there a limit on the number of OPC Server and web clients connections (with add-ons)? For example connections to 10 OPC UA Servers and 100-150 web clients. 



Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Sorry, but I can't answer the first question regarding "data buffering".
What do you mean or expect? Which data should be buffered and where?

To your second question:

There are two licenses available for three further Web Clients (CL3) and 3 further Handlers (HL3) (= 3 OPC UA connections):

R911410796 SWL-W-XC*-WIQ**RUN*CL03**-NNNN    
R911410797 SWL-W-XC*-WIQ**RUN*HL03**-NNNN   

Regarding licensing there are no limits. So you can buy and acticate as many add-ons on the ctrlX CORE as you like.
But I cannot answer how many clients are possible in terms of performance.

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I don't know, if I understood the question right. Maybe you meant the connection between ctrlX-core and the HMI device with the browser?

If so, my answer is as follows: The WebIQ server is located on the ctrlX-Core, all data is exchanged locally and the historical data or alarms are saved there and can be called up by the HMI and are retained there even if there are connection problems.
The connection to the HMI client is a web connection and is buffered with an internal fixed size buffer. If the connection interupts for a short time, e.g. 2-3s, it will be buffered and after a while canceled. After reconnect, the user is prompted to login again.
The number of simultaneously accessing clients is limited to 2 in the basic system and can be increased by 3 with additional licenses.
The number of IO connections (OPC UA clients) is also 2 and can be increased in steps of 3 with additional licenses.
The total number of clients or OPC UA interfaces is unlimited and only depends on the number of licenses booked.
Hope this answers Your questions?
Kind regards