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package-run long connection delay

package-run long connection delay

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My app has a configuration page, which uses the recommneded Unix socket way of integrating to ctrlX CORE. Also per the recommendations, my app waits for the `package-run` interface to be connected, before starting its web server.

In testing my app, and with multiple installs under my belt, I have noticed that the time it takes for `package-run` to be connected is highly variable, but in many cases, it can take more than 20sec. During this time, if a user clicks on my app's settings menu option he/she gets a 404, which would be disconcerting.

Has anyone experienced this too? Is this expected behavior?


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Community Moderator

In which case do you recognize this delay? So what steps did you do (e.g. booting up, switching to operation mode)?

Here is my usual procedure, starting with the ctrlX CORE in SERVICE mode:

1. Settings -> Apps

2. Local storage

3. +

4. Load my app's snap

5. Install my app

6. After app has finished installing, reload page so that the my app's entry in the Settings menu appears

7. Diagnostics -> Logbook, to monitor my app's log until I see the "package-run" interface connected. In debug mode my app's entry point script runs the command "snapctl is-connected package-run" every 2 seconds until the interface is connected, and logs every time it polls, that is why I can see how long the interface takes to be connected.

8. Settings -> My app's setting page

This is usually only a problem during development.

As soon as your app gets signed, interfaces will be connected during the installation process.

If your app is unsigned, the process of connecting the interfaces is done after installation.

Excellent! Thank you for the answer.