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Getting data from MTX using OPC or an SDK - how to?

Getting data from MTX using OPC or an SDK - how to?

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Hello guys.

We're trying to interface with the Rexroth MTX CNC controller (used for a large-scale 3D printer), but having issues getting started.

It seems we need to connect to the "OPC" to get data this way, but we've had no luck with establishing a connection. We've tried from Python and C#.

The thing we're trying to build, is something that runs on the Windows machine, not a direct part of the PCL, but we need our program to be able to get data from the PLC.

So, my questions are;

1) How do we best do this? Is OPC the way to go, or is there an SDK we can use? (we tried getting "MLPI" to work, but without luck)

2) How to do this? Are there any code examples or example projects anywhere? It looks like it should be pretty straight-forward, but 8 hours of trying, with direct access to the machine, didn't get us any closer - we simply couldn't get the OPC connection up and running, or MLPI

We're quite positive the OPC UA server is running, and we have successfully interfaced with the PCL using the OPC test client, but when attempting to connect ourselves, no combination of... anything... has worked.

If anyone has any code examples on how to do this, we'd be very grateful (we're probably just missing the obvious here - but we're just not able to crack it).



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It seems like the MTX is only running a OCP DA server, and not UA - so that is probably the reason our attempts fail. But seeing UA is its successor, and it's a quite new machine (and the documentation says it supports, and should run, UA), you'd think we'd be able to set up the UA server, right?

No luck with this either - any help is appreciated.

Community Moderator
Community Moderator

At first: Sorry of not answering, I don't know what happened here. 

Secondly: Is the question still a question, or did you find the right answers in the meantime?

If not, then just some words: Yes, the MTX supports an OPC UA server at the controls for years! MLPI belongs only to the MLC.

It also exist a documentation what includes all information how to establish a OPC UA connection and how to get the data and the prerequisites to get PLC data in particular (symbol data ...).

In case you need some more information related to your application, please send me a private message here. Give some information about your hard/software and "goal to achieve" too, please.