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Community Update, 11/2022 ... What's new?

Community Update, 11/2022 ... What's new?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Dear Community,

We made some updates for structure, functionality and look 'n feel.

  • Adding a new sidebar filter to the Store and the How-to section
    To have more flexibility for upcoming filters we decided to go with a sidebar filter.
    ctrlX AUTOMATION Community New Sidebar Filter.png

    The filter is currently single selection per group.
    Unfortunately we have to remove the number indicators for the moment due to database performance.
    Both things are in scope for the next releases.
    It will take some hours to bring up the new filters in the database.

  • The filter stays now persistent during  the current web session
    Selected filters are still active when you go to an article and returning to the overview. You have to clear it actively.

    ctrlX AUTOMATION Community Persistent Filter Selection.png

  • Sorting available
    You can now sort the articles for 'Published', 'Modified', 'Views' and 'Likes'.
    Clicking on the selected criteria will change the sorting direction.

    ctrlX AUTOMATION Community Sorting.png

  • Selector for different views within the overview
    You can now select between different views. 

    ctrlX AUTOMATION Community View Selector.png

    Tile View: The legacy setup
    Image List View: Combines teaser image, icon and text information in one view ... nearly everything 😏
    Textual List View: For the purist ... only text
    Remark: The selection is persistent during the current web session

  • Pinned article
    Important article can be pinned now to the top and are marked by

    ctrlX AUTOMATION Community Pinning.png

  • Selector for different views within an article
    You can now select between different views.

    ctrlX AUTOMATION Community Article Views.png

    Legacy View: With 'Trending' and 'Latest Articles' section as it is today.
    TOC View: Generates a chapter overview automatically on the right side
    Purist View: Just the content
    Remark: The selection is persistent during the current web session

  • Personal data overview
    All recorded personal data by the community are now listed in your profile > GDPR- and PII-Data

    ctrlX AUTOMATION Community GDPR Data .png

  • Unread posts are marked bold in the forum overview
    ctrlX AUTOMATION Community Unread Posts.png

  •  ... and yes some things still to fix/optimize for the next releases

    • Missing shadow behind the tiles
    • No HTML entity resolution in teaser text
    • Support multi-selection in sidebar filter
    • Adding/Calculating the numbers related to selected filters.
    • Floating a post entry to the top of a forum currently not available
    • New function selector in overall forum overview must be adapted e.g. board info is missing, look not harmonized
    • Indicator of active filter selection must be more visible, currently the arrow is only colored in red.


Enjoy the new setup!
Your Community Team