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ctrlX Crash after ctrlX PLC download

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ctrlX Crash after ctrlX PLC download


We have a customer with Softmotion and Webvisu, he intends to control 20 axis,

His problem is that when he tries to do a login to the PLC and the ctrlX IO configuration the LED of the ctrlX remains green and he cannot connect again to the web server,

How can this be solved?

I guess that it is because of the load of the CPU is too high, he also has the PLC advanced license but we do not know how to assign the tasks to the different Cores

He tried to load the program without donwloading the ctrlX IO of the configuriation and the load of the CPU was this:


I attach here the Core report,



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Re: ctrlX Crash after ctrlX PLC download

I guess you are right. The only solution I see is decreasing the load of the CPU.

This could be acomplished by using higher cycle times. Which are you using?

The other way would be to use more than one CPU core for the calculation.
You can add more task groups in ctrlX PLC Engineering and these will be calculated on a different CPU:

ctrlX PLC Engineering multiple group tasksctrlX PLC Engineering multiple group tasks

ctrlX CORE WebUI Scheduler PLC tasksctrlX CORE WebUI Scheduler PLC tasks

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Re: ctrlX Crash after ctrlX PLC download

Hello CodeSheperd,

Thank you for your help,

For your information we have upgraded the Sofmotion from the 4.10 version to the 4.12 and the performance of the Core is much better: