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ctrlX OS 1.20 LTS SP2 Release Notes

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ctrlX AUTOMATION continues to develop rapidly in terms of its functionality and possible use cases. Bosch Rexroth therefore publishes new releases of apps and engineering software at regular intervals. This gives the community, customers and developers access to new functions. LTS releases (Long Term Support) are published once a year at the end of July. They are maintained over several years in the form of Service Packs (SPx) with bug fixes and security updates.
For details on release cycle and download area, see Release cycle of Apps and Engineering software.

Following are recent new features and highlights of the current version since the 1.12 LTS SP9 release.


New ctrlX World Apps


New features
ctrlX OS – the operating system
  • Image update from removable media
  • ctrlX setup for a customized backup/restore from removable media (USB, µSD)
  • Support of the license dongle for transferring licenses
  • Factory reset from the web interface

Fieldbus & Communication
  • List of compatible EtherCAT third party devices

ctrlX AUTOMATION – DRIVE Connect  
  • Load parameters from a file (.par) to an axis and save axis parameters to a file (.par)
  • Support for CoE objects (CANopen over EtherCAT)
  • Firmware update in parallel to multiple drives
  • Connecting drives from other networks via their IP addresses
  • Looking up Diagnostic Codes from Drive Database

  • Library CXAC_Diagnostics - Registering or sending diagnostic;
    managing individual diagnostic messages 
  • Support of ctrlX CORE X7
  • PLC method call - Parameter of type ENUM
  • Updated PLC Web UI - Project information
  • Integration of CODESYS runtime

  • Velocity control
  • Support of  ctrlX CORE X7
  • Support of up to 30 axes with ctrlX CORE X7
  • Support of EtherCAT CoE drives
  • Configurable EtherCAT cycle time to 2ms, 4ms and 8ms

ctrlX WORKS Engineering  
  • REST APIs for ctrlX WORKS, ctrlX PLC Engineering and ctrlX IO Engineering for the automation of engineering processes
  • License manager for Windows Applications incl. creation of license dongles
  • Automatic creation of an App Build Environment

ctrlX CORE virtual
  • New feature for ctrlX CORE virtual (> 5 possible, selection Base image version, …)

ctrlX PLC Engineering
  • Improved Communication settings dialog
  • New dialogue Library Parameters
  • New library for access to ctrlX CORE diagnosis
  • Support of CODESYS Trend recording Alarms configuration
  • Integration of CODESYS
  • Introduction of Silent Mode  - API of ctrlX PLC Enegineering even works, when ctrlX PLC Engineering is not opened

ctrlX I/O Engineering
  • Updated API for "Search device"  - ScanAndMergeDeviceJob of EtherCAT Master
  • Improved Communication settings dialog
  • Introduction of Silent Mode - API of ctrlX I/O Engineering even works, when ctrlX I/O Engineering is not opened
ctrlX AUTOMATION – 3D Viewer  
  • Assignment of Data Layer variables to model axes and value manipulation via mathematical expressions
  • Visualization of Safe Areas
  • More options for configuration and visualization of the toolpath (multiple toolpaths, choice of color, length, visibility, ...)
  • Importing and positioning of workpieces

  • Motion Block Units: Support of units and weighting type of axes and kinematics
  • Motion Blending Scope: The "Blending Scope" block can be used to specify the "blending" strategy for a defined number of commands.
  • Persistence Extension: Connection to the ctrlX OS Key Value Database app to persist variables.
  • Tools Extension: Timing blocks for runtime measurement and creation of time stamps
  • Server Extension: Ability to host Data Layer nodes internally at IDE script runtime

ctrlX AUTOMATION – Oscilloscope  
  • Support multi record modes for NRT and RT signals: single shot, continuous, repeat and bulk read
  • Support manual and auto (rising/failing/equal/rising-failing) trigger modes
  • Improvement of UI (support multi instances, 20 signals in one instance, multi diagrams in one instance, multi-Y axes, zoom by mouse/cursor/brush, analyze recorded data by arithmetic, etc.)
  • Store and load recording data as CSV, store and load configuration as JSON
  • Backup and restore configuration with Solution App
  • Multi Language Support(MLS), functionality and interface update for Diagnosis

  • Node LTS update to version v18.15.0 

ctrlX AUTOMATION – OPC UA Client   
  • Supports multi-dimensional arrays (matrices) as data type
  • Supports complex datatypes (Enumerations, Structures, Unions) also for methods arguments

ctrlX AUTOMATION – OPC UA Server  
  • Supports multi-dimensional arrays (matrices) as data type
  • Access to PLC methods with parameters from PLC type ENUM
  • Support of Data Layer BulkRead and BulkWrite if several nodes are requested in one service
  • Methods can be added dynamically at runtime

  • Download ctrlX OS 1.20 LTS with ctrlX WORKS Engineering 1.20 here.

Release notes in details are available in the respective app documentation in the documentation system.

Release Date Release notes
1.20 LTS SP5
09/2023 resolved defects & modifications
1.20 LTS SP4 08/2023 release notes & documentation
1.12 LTS SP10
03/2023: bug fixing release notes & documentation
1.12 LTS SP9
03/2022: first release with
Long Term Support
release notes & documentation


Hi, I'm Michael and I work as a Product Manager for ctrlX MOTION. Contact me if you want to know more about this.
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For the motion app I see it listed "Support of up to 30 axes with ctrlX CORE X7".  What kind of behaviors would we expect to start seeing with more than 30 axes?

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Community Moderator

Many axes is like a big PLC program or anything which needs high performance (e.g. also small EtherCAT cycle times) of the hardware ctrlX CORE. It is mainly a question of performance. So, we suggest to get in contact with application support people of Bosch Rexroth for a higher quantity of 30 axes in order to check the feasibility.

Long-established Member


  • Download ctrlX OS 1.20 LTS with ctrlX WORKS Engineering 1.20 here this version is not available in the store.


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Community Moderator

Hi Yacine,

unfortunately we still waiting for the finalization of the PLC Engineering documentation. This is the reason for the missing 1.20 in the store folder. Hopefully we get it in the next days. Until this time, you can fin it in the folder with the pre-releases.

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The function blocks orient at the PLCopen standard. The function blocks with prefix "MC_" are according to the PLCopen standard. Details about the functionality of each function block can be found in the documentation "CXA_PLCopen"

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Hello MichaelB

I found that there are functional block states that do not follow the standard (PLCopen),

for example mc_jog/mc_stop


Moved this topic to https://developer.community.boschrexroth.com/t5/ctrlX-PLC/Re-ctrlX-OS-1-20-LTS-SP2-Release-Notes/m-p...

Regards Jochen


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