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The online solution and product configurator covers the entire ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio and enables the online configuration of individual components as well as complete automation solutions very simply, quickly and without support.

Starting with entering the requirements profile of the application in the configuration dialog of each product, ctrlX Configurator automatically selects the appropriate product. Also the user can directly search and select known products by its material number or type code. The reduction of the input parameters with initial default values which are essential for the product speeds up the configuration process. Configured products can be added to the shopping cart of Rexroth Store. Finally the complete configuration project can be downloaded as PDF based summary or the product list as CSV file.  

Graphic View Area of ctrlX Configurator for Creating Topologies of Automation SolutionsGraphic View Area of ctrlX Configurator for Creating Topologies of Automation Solutions
List View Area of ctrlX ConfiguratorList View Area of ctrlX Configurator
Sample Product Configuration Dialogue of ctrlX ConfiguratorSample Product Configuration Dialogue of ctrlX Configurator
Sample "Show details" Dialogue of ctrlX ConfiguratorSample "Show details" Dialogue of ctrlX Configurator
Product Selection Dialogue of ctrlX ConfiguratorProduct Selection Dialogue of ctrlX Configurator


ctrlX Configurator How-To´s

Updates for version 1.2403.06 (04/2024)


  • ctrlX CORE plus X5: ctrlX Configurator now supports the advanced ctrlX CORE with the performance class X5. The product is available in the Embedded Control configurator.
  • ctrlX CORE - new extension modules: In the ctrlX CORE configurator there are now two new extensions modules available, the SSD and COM20 module.
  • ctrlX I/O: New ctrlX I/O modules available in the product configurator ctrlX I/O. The following modules are now included in ctrlX Configurator - DIDO 8/8; RS485/422; PWM.
  • ctrlX IPC - PR2x.200: The new configurator for PR2100.2 and PR2200.2 is available. This new configurator for the box PCs can be found in the controls area. There PC's of the PR2x00,2... series can be placed at the graphic view and configured in your projects.
  • ctrlX DRIVE XCS2-F: ctrlX Configurator now includes the single axis converters XCS2-F. The product configurator supports a configuration by technical data or by product parameters.
  • ctrlX DRIVE MS2M: ctrlX Configurator now includes the ultra compact servo motor MS2M. The product configurator supports a configuration by technical data or by product parameters.
  • Connections: Connection via Ethernet IP and PROFINET now possible, when corresponding apps are selected.


  • New add products structure: The add products structure has been completely reworked. There are now more categories to identify the needed product more quick and to increase visibility. 
  • Performance: The performance of ctrlX CORE, ctrlX Apps, XM Control and parts of the ctrlX DRIVE Configurators has been improved.
  • Compare product function: On the graphic view ctrlX Configurator now supports a comparison of up to four products. All products can be compared concerning prices, estimated ship dates, configuration, features and for example dimensions. The function can be used by the new button in the toolbar.
  • Graphic symbols: In the add products dialogue there are now graphic elements included. There are user defined products and infrastructure components included. These products can be configured including a manual definition of ports on those products. These ports can then be used for connection to products.
  • Link to distributors: In graphic and list view the new button Buy via distributor leads to distributors product pages including the ctrlX AUTOMATION products.
  • Estimated ship date: Estimated ship date added to ctrlX Configurator. This is now available on all places where list and net price is available.


See Release Notes for all changes

Previous Updates
Updates for version 1.2311.17 (12/2023)



  • ctrlX Apps: ctrlX Configurator now supports the license dongle, available in the ctrlX Apps product configurator. Also new licenses are available, PLC Version 2, SmartHMI Web IQ Server, IniNet SpiderControl, FlowFuse Node Red, Bosch Connected Industry Neexed Control Plus, ctrlX MOTION Delta & Scara, OPC UA Server and Model Connect.
  • Light Configurator: A new "Light Configurator" application type is available in the XM Control Configurator. An XM2 control including all necessary components and accessories can be configured.
  • ctrlX DRIVEctrlX Configurator now supports the single axis converter 10A (XCS2-W0010), double axis inverter 30A and 36A (XMD2-W3030 & ctrlX DRIVE - XMD2-W3636). The 3D previews of the servo drives have been updated and the synchronous servo motor MS2* product configuartor now contains a product based configuration.
  • Linear motors: In the add products library the linear motor ML3 is now available. The primary part, secondary part and accessory can be configured.  
  • Connections: It is now possible to connect up to 32 axes via SAFETYLink on the graphic view. The EFC Frequency converter can now be connected via Multi Ethernet to other products. 


  • Prices for all Users: For all users it is now possible to request prices via the web service based on their country and customer id. For further information see the How to article.
  • Enhanced formatting of Project summary: Formatting and sorting of Project summary is enhanced. Products are now in the correct order and formatting is improved.
  • Improved Rexroth Store connection: The add to cart button just shows up for products, which are in Rexroth Store available, there are improved informations concerning the handover to Rexroth Store and the handover for IndraDrive Cs HCS01 is combined for hardware and firmware as main and sub item.


See Release Notes for all changes

Updates for version 1.2307.15 (10/2023)



  • ctrlX DRIVEctrlX Configurator now supports the current version of the runtime for ctrlX DRIVE - version 04.
  • IndraDrive Cs: The logic concerning main filters has been changed and now smaller filters are suggested.


  • Enhanced formatting of Project summary: Formatting and sorting of Project summary is enhanced. Products are now in the correct order and formatting is improved.
  • Project parts list (XLSX file): The current project parts list has been updated. Therefore a format change is needed and the document is now a xlsx file.


See Release Notes for all changes

Updates for version 1.2307.11 (08/2023)


  • ctrlX CORE: Improved performance of product configurator & new apps Model Connect, Flexprofile, G-Code, CODESYS Communication
  • ctrlX I/O: New product configurator with graphical I/O configuration. See Start Guide for ctrlX I/O configurator.
  • ctrlX I/O: New I/O modules XI120116, XI221116 , XI232302, XB-ET-31. 
  • ctrlX DRIVE: New coldplate devices & updates
  • ctrlX DRIVE — Motors: New configurator for product families asynchronous motors MAD/MAF
  • Frequency converters: New configurator for product familiy EFC 


  • LiveAssist and LiveChat: New communication hub for country-specific user support
  • Rexroth Store interface: Accelerated transfer of all products in project to Rexroth Store cart


  • Project- and Product Summary: Optimized layout, formatting and new cover page
  • Bugfixes
See Release Notes for all changes

Updates for version 1.2303.06 (04/2023)
  • ctrlX CORE: ctrlX COREplus X3 w/O PROFINET device, update of configuration dialogs  
  • ctrlX CORE APPS: New apps "IoT Dashboard" and "Key Value Database", update of apps and licenses
  • ctrlX I/O: New system modules XB-EC-31 (1-Port EtherCAT branch), XI841000 (Place holder module 12mm), XI842000 (Place holder 20mm)
  • ctrlX IPC: New product configurator for VE4 (housed Panel PC)
  • ctrlX DRIVE: New product configurator for XMV, new product variants XVE2-W0030, XCS2-W0090, XCS/XMS/XMD-"C" (cooling type Coldplate)
  • ctrlX DRIVE: Support of PROFIsafe on PROFINET, ctrlX DRIVElink, 2 x EC encoder interface
  • ctrlX DRIVE Motors: New variant MS2E10 w/ lenght F
  • Mi: Configuration of reduced torsional gearbox backlash, KMS firmware configuration, enhanced safety configuration  
  • Connection configurator: Support of OPC UA
  • Product search: Support of "non-ZKMA" discrete products (e.g. XI, SAFEX, DE/DR/WR) incl. HCS02, VR21
  • "Share & Save": Enhancement with "public" checkbox
  • Documentation: More compact layout and separate list of cables
  • Bugfixes (see release notes for details)

Updates for version 1.2211.17 (02/2023)


  • ctrlX CORE: Enhanced product configurator supporting new product variant X7 
  • ctrlX CORE APPS: Updates with e.g. new ctrlX WORLD apps
  • ctrlX DRIVE: Enhanced product configurator for drives supporting XVE-W0125 and XVR-W0019
  • ctrlX DRIVE: Enhanced product configurator for power supply supporting XMS2-W0330/W0375
  • ctrlX DRIVE: Supporting EtherCAT CoE as master communication
  • ctrlX DRIVE: Removal of Gen 1 devices from product library
  • Mi: Enhancements of connections with e.g. ctrlX DRIVE
  • SafeLogic compact: New configurator for compact safety control solution
  • Connection configurator: Enhancements
  • Extended product configuration status (see blog for more information)
  • Optimized PDF layout of product and project summaries

  • Improved performance on project handling (designing and loading of configuration projects)
  • Bugfixes, see release notes for details

Updates for version 1.2207.11 (08/2022)


  • ctrlX CORE/ctrlX CORE Apps: Enhancement of runtime apps
  • ctrlX I/O:  New product-based configuration mode (see Community Blog for more information)
  • ctrlX IPC/HMI: New configurator for machine operator panels VAM
  • ctrlX IPC/HMI: New configurator for panel frame PF
  • ctrlX DRIVE: Enhanced configurator with devices XCS-W0330/W0375
  • Mi: New configurator for cabinet-free drive family
  • New connection configurator (see Community Blog for more information)
  • Improved display of connections in Graphic View
  • Improved usability of dialogues "Add products" and "Show details" with vertical sliders 
  • Multi-download of mCAD files
  • Excel export for sales (Bosch Rexroth internal only)


  • User settings dialogue (see Community Blog for more information)
  • New eMail adress for CAD support 

Updates for version 1.2203.05 (03/2022)


  • Motors: New product configurator for MSM motor family
  • ctrlX CORE/ctrlX CORE Apps: Update configuration, enhancement of runtime apps with new category structure
  • Maintenance of existing product configurators (e.g. product variants, 3D previews, dimension views)    

  • Interface to Rexroth Store (see Community Blog for more information)
  • Copy of own project (see Community Blog for more information)
  • Support of keyboard shortcuts (see Community Blog for more information)
  • Enhanced information in configurators
  • Product name editable in configurators
  • Project name and ID shown in header
  • Enhanced list prices for single products


  • Enhanced URL for direct call of products (see Community Blog for more information)
  • Improved performance of configurator
  • Improved support of mobile devices
  • Extended information in CAD request mail
  • Recurring issues when loading projects fixed

Updates for version 1.2111.18 (12/2021)

  • ctrlX DRIVE: Drive sets are now based on generation 2 devices
  • ctrlX CORE: Support of X2, X3 modular variants, updated licensing (ctrlX Motion, ctrlX PLC), new 3D Viewer App
  • ctrlX IPC: New product configurator for web panels WR21, update of Box PC IoT
  • ctrlX SERVICES: New product configurator for provided services
  • XM: New product configurator for embedded controls XM2 and XM4
  • IndraDrive Cs: New product configurator for converter family HCS01 
  • Several bugfixes       

  • Extended Product Search & Select supporting product variants without material number (see community blog for more information)
  • Improved usability of Details dialogue with new design
  • Updated Add products dialogue with extended product naming and updated product pictures
  • Support of tooltips for product information and buttons
  • Performance improvement in Graphic View

Updates for version 1.2107.15 (10/2021)

  • ctrlX DRIVE | Motors: Dynamic sizing with operating points
  • Several bug fixing (see release notes)   
  • Display of configuration status with color bars
  • Improvement of product configuration conflict dialogue


Updates for version 1.2107.13 (08/2021)

  • ctrlX DRIVE | Motors: Support of product variants MS2S, MS2N03-A, MS2N10-R, MS2E10, motor-gearbox configurations             
  • ctrlX DRIVE: Support of 2nd generation, enhanced product configuration
  • ctrlX CORE: Enhanced product configuration
  • ctrlX CORE Apps: New configurator for standalone runtime and partner apps
  • ctrlX SAFETY: Enhanced product configuration  
  • ctrlX IPC: Support of product variants DE (housed displays)

  • Product search with extended product portfolio
  • Display of SAP list prices (Bosch Rexroth internal only)
  • Display of material numbers
  • EPLAN data for cables
  • User information on system maintenance 
  • Performance improvements

Updates for version 1.2103.06 (03/2021)
  • ctrlX DRIVE: Extended product variants and enhanced configuration of brake resistors 
  • ctrlX I/O: Support of the new I/O product family
  • ctrlX IPC: Support of product variants PR21, PR3, VR3
  • Fixed bugs
  • Product search & select by type code or material number (see blog for more information)
  • Configuration of ctrlX DRIVE with product filter (see blog for more information)
  • Improved “Add products” dialogue
  • Fixed bugs
Updates for version 1.2011.07 (12/2020)
  • The new version designation is in the format VERSION_MAJOR.VERSION_MINOR.REVISION. VERSION_MINOR refers to year and month of the release with its functional state of ctrlX Configurator.

  • ctrlX CORE: Support of the new embedded control system
  • ctrlX SAFETY: Support of the new safety controller
  • ctrlX DRIVE: Support of the new motor variant MS2N13
  • Cables: The configurator for cables has been revised 

  • Project management: Dialog-supported opening and management of configuration projects. 
  • Start of project configuration via direct link
  • Double-click support: Calling the product configurator by double-clicking on a product in Graphic or List View.


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