ctrlX Configurator - Release Notes version 1.2307.15

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Version 1.2307.15 - Features & Resolved Bugs
  • ctrlX DRIVE - Runtime version 04
    ID 694084
    ctrlX Configurator now supports the current version of the runtime for ctrlX DRIVE - version 04.
  • Project parts list - XLSX document
    ID 705113
    The current project parts list is extended in the case of formatting of the list price. Therefore a format change is needed and the document is now a xlsx file.
  • Project summary - Sorting of products
    ID 692676
    Products in the project summary are in some cases not sorted correctly by product family.
  • Shield connection without characteristic value
    ID 703094
    For single axis drives 30A, 36A and double axes drives 54A, 70A, there is no setting for shield connection. Also if you open a project from database the product shows a red status. 
  • Missing CAD & EPLAN for ctrlX I/O
    ID 703930
    For ctrlX I/O Stations the request of CAD and EPLAN data is not possible.
  • Export formats contain groups
    ID 704008
    The export formats of ctrlX Configurator contain in some cases the groups like ctrlX I/O station and ctrlX Apps. Therefore the not needed lines are shown.
  • ctrlX DRIVE servo motor can not be added and configured
    ID 706673
    When adding a MS2N13 to the solution, by using the product search, an error occurs.
  • Some dimensions are not displayed in the project documentation
    ID 706867
    When creating a project with several I/O stations, the project documentation shows only the dimension of the first I/O station. The remaining dimensions are missing.
  • ctrlX I/O - Default configuration shows wrong dimension
    ID 706921
    When adding a ctrlX I/O station, the width value for the default configuration is displayed incorrectly
  • ctrlX CORE - CAD and EPLAN are not available
    ID 706987
    CAD and EPLAN cannot be used for ctrlX CORE. Data cannot be called up via corresponding symbols.
  • Connection between products was not correct
    ID 713274
    In some cases the connection between a drive and a motor is not possible The default length of a motor cable is not shown correctly Motor cables are not shown in the list view
  • Main choke not selectable for XVE2-W0030
    ID 713800
    When selecting a mains choke for XVE2-W0030 the product changes to XVE2-W0075.
  • HCS01 mains filter
    ID 723160
    For HCS01 W0008 and W0018 too large mains filter are suggested.


Version 1.2307.11 New Features - Products
  • Servo motor configuration
    ID 497678
    A configuration characteristic to select a sealing ring for the motor shaft is now available.
  • ctrlX CORE - Improved performance of product configurator
    ID 607654
    The performance of the ctrlX CORE configurator has been improved, a smoother work is possible.
  • ctrlX DRIVES with new technology function
    ID 608033
    All drives now can be configured with the new technology function TE0.
  • UPC-UA license dependencies
    ID 611376
    For drives with installed runtime apps OPC-UA licences can be now selected without Firewall, Motion, Python or VPN-Client licence.
  • New motor cables added
    ID 620115
    RHB2-012BAB added to connect motors with electrical connection ""H"" to drives with 54, 70 and 90A.
  • Cold plate
    ID 636078
    Cooling option cold plate added for inverters 54 and 70A drives.
  • Update of product configurator for IPC VE4
    ID 636714
    Dimension sheet and links to the operating instructions have been added
  • ctrlX CORE Plus - New 3D Preview for COREX-X3-11-BNNN
    ID 637419
    For product configuration for ctrlX CORE type ""COREX-X3-11-BNNN..."" in ctrlX CORE Configurator a new 3D Preview is now be displayed.
  • New variants in the product configuration of the IndraDrive HCS01 available
    ID 638272
    All variants which are available in the product search can now be configured in the product configuration of the IndraDrive HCS01.
  • ctrlX Apps - PLC licenses
    ID 641942
    The licenses for ctrlX CORE - PLC can now be selected separately in the ctrlX App Configurator, there are no longer any dependencies.
  • ctrlX Apps - Motion licenses
    ID 641968
    The licenses for ctrlX CORE - Motion licenses can now be selected separately in the ctrlX App Configurator, there are no longer any dependencies.
  • ctrlX I/O - new modules
    ID 642144
    ctrlX I/O configurator now supports four new modules for Digital Input, Digital Output and an Ethernet Switchport (XI120116, XI221116, XI232302, XB-ET-31).
  • ctrlX Apps - ctrlX Automation Motion update
    ID 642646
    New license add-on added: R911417994 - SWL-XC*-MOT-FLEXPROFILE**-NNNN - ctrlX OS License - Bosch Rexroth - Motion FlexProfile (add-on). Increase number of axes: Increase the possible axes for ctrlX CORE with Performance Class ""X7"" from ""50"" to ""64"" axes. Add note for axes greater than 10 If the number of axes is greater than 10, a note is now displayed on the application information.
  • Enhancements
    ID 631223
    Shielding connections revised added for drives 150 and 180A default for drives larger 23A is set to ""cable rear"" CAD files for following drives are now available drives with ctrlX DRIVElink DC/DC converters XMV2 Converter XCS2-W0090 New functions added to ctrlX DRIVEplus SMO speed: SMD-r_TimeTrend SMO speed: SPA SMO position: SMD-r_RampTrend additional safe encoder: Resolver
  • New product configurator
    ID 632954
    For EFCx610 a new configurator was added.
  • New product configurator
    ID 633085
    For asynchronous motors MAD and MAF a new configurator was added.
  • Update product and project summary
    ID 633309
    Several minor updates have been done to the produt and project summary, like minor formatting improvements, data improvements and for example a new cover for the project summary.
  • Remote displays with Daisy Chain interface supported
    ID 634539
    ctrlX Configurator now supports the remote displays with connection type Long-Distance CDI+ TX (Daisy Chain)
  • Update & Enhancement of the product search
    ID 635483
    The product search has been updated and enhanced. Therefore more products can be searched and further details for some products can be viewed.
  • ctrlX Apps - New App ""ctrlX AUTOMATION - G-Code Runtime"" including ctrlX OS license
    ID 627101
    New App ""ctrlX AUTOMATION - G-Code Runtime"" including following license are now available: R911420238 - SWL-XC*-GCO-GCORUNTIME*-BANN - ctrlX OS License - Bosch Rexroth - G-Code Runtime
  • ctrlX Apps - Performance improvment of configurator
    ID 655815
    Performance during configuration has been increased.ctrlX Apps configuration can now be used more smoothly
  • New Licenses for Cedalo - Eclipse Mosquitto MQTT Broker
    ID 659436
    2 new ctrlX OS licenses for Cedalo - Eclipse Mosquitto MQTT Broker are now available R911420184 - SWL-W-XC*-MQTT*B**110*CDL-NNNN - ctrlX OS License - Cedalo - Mosquitto MQTT Broker 110 Connections R911420187 - SWL-W-XC*-MQTT*B*1100*CDL-NNNN - ctrlX OS License - Cedalo - Mosquitto MQTT Broker 1100 Connections
  • ctrlX Apps - New Naming Convention Apps and Licenses
    ID 683455
    A new naming convention for ctrlX apps and licenses has been introduced. Apps can now be assigned to producers. Licenses can now be assigned to the subsystem (ctrlX OS / ctrlX CORE / ctrlX IPC etc.)
  • ctrlX DRIVE - Capacitance information
    ID 693837
    The details of the drives, motors and cables now show capacitance information that the device has. This information is being used in the background already for the calculation.


Version 1.2307.11 New Features - Platform
  • Product search information texts
    ID 496108
    The product search now contains two more information texts. These explain the functions disassembling of a typecode and the search for the matching products.
  • Tooltips and info texts
    ID 547800
    In the ctrlX Configurator several tooltips and info texts have been added, which help the user to get information (e.g. information about project downloads).
  • Add to cart from Rexroth store
    ID 612315
    ctrlX Configurator now has a new button in the list view to add all products of the project to the Rexroth store with one click.
  • LiveAssist
    ID 636720
    ctrlX Configurator supports now the LiveAssist. This enables an user to start a chat, send a message or for example get call information depending on the contact possibilities of the country.
  • ctrlX I/O - new graphical configurator
    ID 636594
    A new ctrlX I/O configurator is now available, which supports a graphical configuration. User can now add modules, arrange them in the preview concerning order, configure the modules and get further information about each module. See Start Guide for more information.


Version 1.2307.11 Resolved Bugs - Products
  • Connection between products not possible
    ID 642787
    The connection between ctrlX CORE, ctrlX I/O and ctrlX SAFETY is in some cases not possible.
  • Motor-gearbox combinations from product search
    ID 629063
    Motor-gearbox combinations can not be added with the required part number or configuration from product search to the Graphic view or List view.


Version 1.2307.11 Resolved Bugs - Platform
  • CAD download
    ID 625462
    When requesting S20 CADs the folders in the download have incorrect folder and file names.
  • Links for documenation don´t show the link in the browser
    ID 635498
    The documentation links in the details of each product don´t have a preview link when hovering in the browser.
  • Price requests for the separation of typecodes fails
    ID 680959
    The price requests for the typecode separation fails. If requesting a price for not existing material variants in the product search the price requests fail. As a workaround the product needs to be added to the project and then a price reuqest will be successful.
  • Drive set double axes
    ID 691346
    in starting the configuration of double axes drive sets single axes drives are selected and the second motors are not connected to the drive.
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