ctrlX Configurator - Release Notes Version 1.2107.15

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  • Space between configuration parameters

ID 367227
Between some of the configuration parameters there is too much unnecessary space.



  • ctrlX DRIVE - Slider Continuous DC bus Power

ID 368482
Slider is not showing DC bus rated power.

  • ctrlX DRIVE - Slider Continuous current

ID 368487
Slider is showing lines in wrong width.

  • ctrlX DRIVE - Sliders Maximum und Continuous current Drive

ID 368515
Value comparison in slider is shown with a less than sign.

  • ctrlX DRIVE - Visible Option for Plug Direction

ID 368836
Plug Direction shall only be shown when the motor plug is set to A and B

  • ctrlX DRIVE - Characteristic Electrical Connection without setting

ID 368838
Default setting for Electrical Connection gets lost with changing Encoder Accuracy characteristics.

  • ctrlX DRIVE - Incorrect value at power supply dimension

ID 371381
In the dimension view of the power supply XVE2 one of the values is incorrect.

  • ctrlX DRIVE (Motors) - MS2E10 with wrong 3D preview

ID 343365
A wrong 3D preview is shown.

  • ctrlX DRIVE (Motors) - Incorrect material numbers for motor cable

ID 372260
Hybrid cable, power cable and encoder cable are shown with incorrect material numbers.

  • ctrlX IPC - Missing cable lengths in cable configurator

ID 351527
In the cable configurator not all available cable lengths are shown.

  • ctrlX SAFETY - Bugs in configurator

ID 359414
SMMC and Profinet connection of SafeX to SafeX is not possible.

  • ctrlX SAFETY - Secondary Ethernet Interface ETH2

ID 368942
Secondary Ethernet Interface ETH2 is activated when selecting any of the other configuration characterisitcs which provides the interface.




  • Display of configuration status with color bars

ID 300078
The configuration status of products in graphic view and list view is using color bars instead of symbols.

  • Improvement of configuration conflict dialogues

ID 300091
The configuration conflict dialogue has been improved for easier user selection.

  • New Live Assist for User Support (will be supported after launch of release)

ID 305744
Live Assist as digital communication interface that helps navigate customer communication is now implemented. There the customer is offered different contact options which are offered depending on customer behavior. The different options are online chat, send message and call us.  Live Assist offers direct contact options and therefore immediate support from an expert to the customer.




  • ctrlX DRIVE (Motors) - Dynamic sizing with working points

ID 257981
In the motor configurator it is now possible to select the motor variant by dynamic sizing with working points instead of static sizing using the sliders for maximum torque, continuous torque and speed.




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