ctrlX Configurator - Release Notes Version 1.2107.13

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  • Decimal places in the dimensions not consistent

ID 140039
The decimal places in the values of the dimensions are not consistent.

  • Typographical errors

ID 310451
Correction of typographical errors.

  • Incorrect language of conflict dialogue

ID 319285
In some cases the conflict dialogue in the product configurator doesn´t show the correct language.

  • Display of Wrong Material Numbers in Product Search for COREX

ID 326677
Wrong material numbers are displayed for ctrlX CORE in the product search.



  • Impact of moving products on graphic view

ID 308578
The movement of products on the graphic view has an impact on the logic between products.

  • Inverters cannot  be connected

ID 310095
In some cases two inverters cannot be connected.

  • Incorrect groups in List View

ID 315114
The List View shows the incorrect groups for a drive set.

  • Incorrect cable shown in List View

ID 315210
The List View shows for a three-axis-solution the false cables between the drives.

  • Mains filter conflict message in Product details corrected

ID 315445
ctrlX DRIVES shows a conflict for mains filter, even if no filter is selected.

  • Revision Safetylink cables for connected drives

ID 302268
The incorrect length for SAFETYlink cables between ctrlX DRIVES is shown.

  • Brake resistor slider shows incorrect values

ID 332984
The slider for the brake resistor show the incorrect values in the drive product configurator.

  • Servo motor preview incorrect

ID 338163
The position of the terminal box in the servo motor preview is incorrect at specific variants.




  • 2D CAD Download

ID 308190
The 2D CADs cannot be requested for several products from the configurator.

  • Format errors table of content in project summary

ID 310226
The table of content in the project summary has formatting errors.

  • S20 CAD download 

ID 311138
The CAD download of of S20 I/O contains just the bus coupler and not the specific modules.

  • Revision of projects parts list 

ID 287958
Motor cables are not part of the project parts list.



  • Performance improvements

ID 323797
In several areas the performance of the ctrlX Configurator has been improved.

  • Integration of the project link

ID 287967
The project link is now integrated and can be copied from the Save Button, Share Button and the project list.

  • Improved product search

ID 291649
It is now possible to search for products via material number or type code and continue the configuration from there.

  • Display of Product Material Numbers

ID 274470
In addition to the support in the product search, material numbers are now displayed in all product configurators and details dialog, in List View and within the export files PDF and CSV.



  • New value in the Mass Storage sales feature

ID 327385
The value 2x 256GB SSD RAID1 can be selected in the Mass Storage feature.

  • ctrlX CORE: Configurator for Software Apps available

ID 291485
In the new configurator "ctrlX CORE Apps" Runtime or Partner Apps can be selected individually.Revision of ctrlX Safety ID 302113 Revision of connection ports for fieldbus and SMMC.

  • Embedded Control Update

ID 311559
The product configurator for the Embedded Control has been updated and enhanced.

  • Renaming of configuration characteristics ctrlX DRIVES

ID 314229
Configuration characteristics in TAB Extended renamed for preventing any miss understanding.

  • Servo motor MS2S

ID 162243
Servo motors MS2S have been added to the motor configurator.

  • Servo motor MS2E10

ID 170640
Servo motors for potentially explosive atmosphere MS2E10 have been added to the motor configurator.

  • Servo motor MS2N03-A

ID 199948
Servo motor MS2N03 wirh length A have been added to the motor configurator.

  • 24 Volt supply for drives

ID 206009
It is now possible to enter a power demand to get a 24 Volt power supply.

  • New motor gearbox combination typecode

ID 210324
New typecode for motor gearbox combinations is implemented.

  • Motor cables

ID 261284
New motor cables have been added to the configurator.

  • Servo motor MS2N10-R

ID 266958
Servo motor MS2N10 with length R has been added to the motor configurator.

  • ctrlX HMI: Displays with housing available

ID 276443
In the configurator of the remote displays it is now possible to select variants with housing.

  • ctrlX DRIVE Generation 2

ID 278142
ctrlX DRIVE Generation 2 Products have been implemented as product configurators.

  • Power supply generation 2

ID 278146
The second generation of the power supply ctrlX DRIVE is now available in the configurator.

  • Motor cables for MS2S and MS2N03-A

ID 285173
Motor cables for electrical connection "H" have been added to the configurator.



  • CAD download for Box and Panel PCs

ID 305751
The CAD download for several Box and Panel PCs are now available and can be requested from the configurator.

  • Sizing documentation in ctrlX Configurator improved

ID 245374
The sizing documentation in the ctrlX Configurator is improved in several points.

  • EPLAN data sets for cable

ID 253501
For RLB2*, RL2*, RG2*, RHB2* and RH2* cables EPLAN data sets can be requested and downloaded from the EPLAN generator.

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